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  1. Abyss, please please please go back into retirement. The elderly needs you.
  2. @Amazingur going to get fucking clapped
  3. Push this in dm's noob

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    2. janseen


      Just like in Harry Potter, you live in a closet under the stairs? I wonder how you even play you're games in such a tight place. 

    3. Yoddr


      no , I play upstairs

    4. janseen


      Wait? So you're Dudley? Oh no wonder why you're parents don't care! They must think you're the most intelligent(This means smart) kid in the world! Oh this makes so much more sense.

  4. I don't think that there is anything wrong with the JB models, all I have to say is just get better and hit the heads.
  5. Bro ZZL be blocking me in the middle of a clutch moment asking if the model be black or not. Anyways looks extremely cool!
  6. Yeah im not lucky anymore.
  7. I can't go to the emergency meeting, something wrong with the reactor.
  8. Who needs a incentive when you can just kill all the Ts
  9. i am the skyblock god u are merely a stepping stone.

  10. Wow hope I can attend!
  11. Event was extremely fun! However, i wished that the event was slightly more challenging. Thanks to Noxstar for a good map!
  12. name is Janseen1 i hope dis will be fun