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  1. you have 3 days and 14 hours on CT. Thats 5160 minutes. Im pretty sure 20k minutes > 5160 minutes
  2. Just because you got captain, doesn't mean you have a high amount of playtime on CT.
  3. Congrats @BloodBlades. I'll make sure to rdm you on TTT next time I see you on.
  4. janseen

    Jihad Rework

    Well that was what I meant earlier, killing 5 cts in a round to buy a jihad for that round is idiotic. That being said, there should be a limit to how much jihads on the T team at once, like 2 at once as it can get hectic if 3 or more Ts buy on the same round.
  5. janseen

    Jihad Rework

    What i meant was that every time you get a kill you get 1 credit. You accumulate credits to buy jihads, for example 5 credits for a jihad, and if you buy one that round and don't use it, you cant use it next round.
  6. janseen

    Jihad Rework

    In my opinion, the range is slightly short, but the damage is fine. Whenever I get the chance to use the jihad, I always miss that one ct that I believe I should kill because it seems like he was close enough. There is also a problem where Ts will hold the jihad. They either forget about it or just never use it despite having not died yet, and the jihad just still on that person. Maybe add the jihad to a T only menu, which say Ts can only buy after killing say 5 cts or something, and it cannot be saved after a round.
  7. janseen

    jailbreak in 2021

    I believe you never "FUCKING DOMINATED" during your "prime" because with 27 days on JB and 11 on CT you have a 0.8 kd. I think your imagination is going wild @Roddy
  8. janseen

    jailbreak in 2021

    just above silver one
  9. janseen

    jailbreak in 2021

    JB is different from what it was 2 years ago. From the multiple changes to the rules, along with the different player base, you can't expect JB to be exactly the same. That being said, personally I enjoy JB right now. I have a couple fans aka @spook@john jones 2 @carrollton_ and etc, and my aim is above silver 1 so I can easily kill the entire CT team. As long as there is an admin attempting to tame the 9 year olds, I feel its not as bad as you all think.
  10. There are times where 1v1 gets no pop for a couple days, and other times where starts to pop. If you really wanna play 1v1s, message a couple friends to get on and it will naturally pop.
  11. so wait...? am i not allowed to shoot cts!?!. What about awp secret!?! or deagle secret. My life is ruined.