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  1. janseen#7481 maybe all 3 who knows
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    Valorant Scrim 4!

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  3. Wtf man, im balling my eyes out, im throwing a tantrum, and i wanna uninstall system32
  4. haha! This is what i did for like 3 months! imo just have fun, there is no real need to be the best reg. If you really want to become a "better reg" you can post player complaints, be chill, don't act like you you own the server, and also branch out to other servers.
  5. yeah just wanna know how hard i carried my team ;D
  6. It isn't a freekill as you had a primary. However, the CT who shot the gun into you could've gotten slayed. That being said, usually if gunplanted by a CT, they would let you drop the primary but in this case he just killed you.
  7. You can see them the round after you put it on. You just cant switch during the round.
  8. This is the perfect opportunity to get more gang points!!!