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  1. aye maybe get a desktop instead of spending money on peripherals.
  2. This is the perfect way to become last ct.
  3. Electric Revamp on rust.
  4. I think we should have another Sg Zerg event because last time we had a zerg event we got only like 2 people. But now i think that we have more people who are willing to play but not enough to start up a server. However i fully support starting up a server.
  5. I think starting a zerg would be the somewhere. Then start up a small server low pop, solo only 1.5x-3x small map.
  6. We had a poll on this before but we don't have anyone experienced or willing to run a rust server. Not to mention it would probably get a low population.
  7. Bro this ain't shit when you get 20 years arguing with 9 year olds flinging the n word every 10 seconds.
  8. Well since i've personally seen how toxic rust is i can tell you that there is nice people in the game, but majority of the people are douchebags who use anything and everything to get above everyone. The chat in rust on most servers aren't moderated and cheaters run rampant. If you're a small group you often get trampled, rolled, and eventually offlined raided by larger groups. There is people who sit on their roof with high powered bolt action rifles waiting for new players to spawn so they can get the sma enjoyment of ruining someones start to the server. Although i haven't mentioned everything you can guess why i think rust is one of the most if not the most toxic game.
  9. You see the 20 man rolling up to ur 2x2
  10. It seems you guys never pissed off a clan full of racist 6 year olds in rust.