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  1. haha! This is what i did for like 3 months! imo just have fun, there is no real need to be the best reg. If you really want to become a "better reg" you can post player complaints, be chill, don't act like you you own the server, and also branch out to other servers.
  2. osen is mad because im just better then him
  3. I swear im not addicted. just a hobby...
  4. yeah just wanna know how hard i carried my team ;D
  5. It isn't a freekill as you had a primary. However, the CT who shot the gun into you could've gotten slayed. That being said, usually if gunplanted by a CT, they would let you drop the primary but in this case he just killed you.
  6. You can see them the round after you put it on. You just cant switch during the round.
  7. This is the perfect opportunity to get more gang points!!!
  8. petition to add Creten quotes on discord?


    "Why are you shooting me you jewel" - Creten


    1. gween


      wghat the frickl

  10. The minecraft head just makes you easier to see. It's actually not that hard to hit the head, just aim at the nose.
  11. TTT is supposed to be a fun server. If everyone is having fun, I as a admin wouldn't really act upon these small acts of "teaming". However, If it gets to the point where it obstructs other people's experiences, that's where I would act. If a admin isn't on, tell them to stop. If they don't stop do !calladmin on them. If a admin doesn't come on, or isn't acting you can post a player complaint. I'm not too experienced in TTT, so I don't know how frustrated you are because of teaming, but everytime I see this happen, everyone is having a blast or if it gets that bad I would just have to tell them to knock if off. In my opinion, TTT isn't supposed to be played by strictly following the rules, but to have fun and go interact with other people with the rules guiding how you play. Out of all the servers I regularly play on, TTT is the funniest with no contest.
  12. Real question is where is the razor 24/7 event.