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Electric razor invs

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In my opinion I feel on electric razor on the vending machine it should not be kos I feel its kind of weird that on top of it isn't kos but the invs block is? Tell me what you think


T's commonly use the invisble block to get up to the roof of medic/sauna, and from there getting into armory. As a CT, if you see a T on the invisible box you should kill them because all invisible boxes, buttons, doors, ladders, etc. are KOS. A way T's get around this is by boosting up to the vending machine which does not make them KOS. Basically, you can only kill a T for being on that roof/vending machine if you saw/see them on the invisble box first. It makes sense, T's just need to be smarter.

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Zzl hit it right on the money. All secrets that a T proceeds to use is KOS. If you see them on the invisible block on the vending machine you have full right turn them into dust. There’s several different ways to get on top of the vending machine or sauna/medic without the use of the invisible block so that’s why it isn’t kos.

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I think there's no reason it shouldn't be kos. Pretty much has one use, get on medic/sauna then go to armory, a kos area, using a secret button. Going to go with @Trazz & @TheZZL





Not sure, but if you're just trying to get posts, this isn't the way to go, engage in real discussion.

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@Spooked FYI: Moved to Rules Discussion.


KOS zones include:

- Areas or things that connect to armory (armory catwalks, armory stairs, etc.)

- SOME Teleporters (see FAQ post below)

- Armory

- Vents

- Invisible Walls/Objects/Buttons/Ladders (invisible ladders are KOS unless they can't be avoided)

- Secrets


Talked with @Manny and it's very well-defined that this is KOS for reasons others stated above. Another concern is that if we allow this one location it opens up a can of worms where other people start complaining that certain pixelwalks shouldn't be KOS because of XYZ other reasons.


For these reasons, this probably won't be implemented. Thanks though :).

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