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  1. I might sound dumb, but what is edging in ZE?
  2. From my point of view on paper this is a phenomenal idea, although I think it could be very twisted and will be less effective than we think it could be. As some ts would hold it and see if they could find a ct standing still and the other cts couldn't do much, then if killed the T will say he was going to throw it. AS well the CTs could say that he held it out for too long and kill the T which already happens so I think this could cut down on it, but also cause a lot of confusion and stress for admins and players. I would still like to see it done, I just dont expect it to be an"end all be all" solution and multiple changes like this could lead us to solving the problem. Good idea Tweak; Ts would have to look at the ground and walk out of the stack then drop it or something like that. That was a very desperate solution, but at the current moment in time I dont have a better one
  3. Uno

    That was close!