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remove letting people nominate maps

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it's not fun playing closequarters and mc village every single time.

remove nominations and get rid of shitty maps

If you want to get rid of a map. Suggest it here

If you don’t want to play a nominated vote, don’t vote for it. Those maps get played because people vote for them. Meaning the majority wants it. Not 1 or 2 people.

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if you dislike a map, you can ask for it to be removed here. I honestly disagree taking away nominations since it can go both ways. You can nominate other maps other than closequarters and mc village as well.


I'll instant reject those. Maps are too popular to be taken off the server. If you don't like the maps that are being played, nominate for something that hasn't been played in a while. The map cycle list resets every 25 maps so you should be able to play cq and mcvillage every 8 hours or so. :)unless the server crashes

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