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Win counter on Scrims.

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A counter of how many times you have won an scrim game, or something like a win/loss ratio and other things like, |

- Kills





you could do so with !stats or something like that.


EDIT: The plugin does not have to be just for awards, they can come along with the plugin witch I think Is a good idea, it would be find on its own.

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I added one last year when trying to introduce scrim awards. The plugin broke one week in, unfortunately. Maybe @Exk could look back into it, if he wants to.


^^ This. As long as the plugin will work this go around, it would be a cool feature.


Last year, they also tried to have forum awards for scrim be based on win amount to coincide with this plugin. Since scrim forum awards are already based off time, I think it should stay that way. This is something irrelevant atm, but if it were to be brought up I think it's one of those "if it ain't broke don't fix it" sort of things.

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I wanna have @Trazz thoughts on this since he is a regular on Scrims.


Tbh I could really care less about my stats on scrim (because they're prob ass) but if they really want to then it could be something similar to other plugins of the /stats.

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