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[Retakes] Nades

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The retake server is lots of fun but its sometimes annoying how dominant the t side is with good enough players holding it. I recommend that the grenades that ct are given get are 2 instead of 1 so that its easier to clear spots and get a hold of the the site, for the t side it should stay the same seeing as there should be a balance between both sides (because of the krieg).

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I can understand your point of view but I think even though the Ts do win if the players are good, the system we have now is solid as is. The CTs get one nade because it's meant to simulate a real retakes situation where CTs may not have full nades because of them using them over the duration of the round. Also, every retake isn't easy, and any CT team good or bad doesn't win every retake. The CTs across all maps win between 35-45% of rounds. I think that's a pretty good balance for this scenario. This is just my 2c, so stand by for a more meaningful statement from a retakes AT.

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To be completely honest what your given is enough, you need to communicate as a team and properly use the utility you have. I'll guarantee 9/10 times when someone has a flash they aren't using it to help the team their using it to help them which is fine, but retaking a site is a team effort.

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