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There is a ladder in vip in the mix that is in soccer that u can get a awp and a mp9 from. Is that ladder kos seeing as its a ladder that can only lead to kos areas sorta like a cat walk but a ladder.

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It’s considered KOS as the only reason to use that ladder is to go into the secret. Something that is similar to this is summerjail and the armory roof, it was ruled that it was connected to armory and the only reason why a T would be up there was so they could get into armory

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This was discussed here and came to the conclusion that the ladder in VipIntheMix's soccer garage is in fact KOS as it directly connects to a secret.




The ladder in soccer on the map vip in the mix is kos. It is essentially a ladder connected to a secret as stated above. In addition, in case anyone did not know, the side of the ladder that you can climb on in soccer to get into the awp secret is actually an invisible ladder, so it is also kos :)


answered and locked.

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