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Harry Potter and Naruto related? and a conspiracy theory

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bruh so I just wondered if HP and Naruto were related, I mean there are many similarities between them (sorry if some info is wrong)

Naruto didn't get to know his parents = Harry Potter didn't get to know his Parents either

Kushina and Minato sacrificed themselves for Naruto = Lily and James sacrificed themselves for Harry

Naruto always caused some trouble = Harry always caused some trouble

The Trio Gang (Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto) = (Hermione, Ron, Harry)

Naruto was famous for being the supposed one who was the Nine-Tailed beast that attacked the Leaf Village = Harry was famous for surviving the killing curse by the darkest wizard, Lord Voldemort, Avada Kedavra.

Both had a rough childhood (Naruto without parents and Harry with the Dursleys)

I think there are more but this is all I remember from what I read.


what if we are in area 51 and the actual building was an exit and that's why we can't go there because they don't want us to exit supposed area 51

thx 4 reading

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1. someone laced your shit with LSD, hope you had a fun trip.

2. this could be applied to hundreds of plots. parents die, someone sacrificed themselves for main character, survive some tragedy etc.

3. the area 51 thing makes more sense than the first part. we in some maze runner type shit frfr

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