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Gonna ask again

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Demos no longer work on community servers. A free easy and very common recording/streaming I use is Shadowplay.


Alongside this you can download other recording / streaming platforms like OBS Studio or OBS Streamlabs.


Here is a tutorial on how to access and use Shadowplay and here is one for Streamlabs. Either or is fine but would really suggest for you to invest into a little bit of time on looking at these or other recording / streaming programs.

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Will it be in xsplit folder the video?


First time you finish recording I'm pretty sure it asks you where to save your videos (Here you can create a folder for videos) and it'll be permanent unless you change the location.


Eitherwise you'll have to locate settings > Output and then set a location if you don't like the default one since I don't remember much about xsplit

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