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New maps on JB?

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I noticed a lot of repeats in the same three or four maps and think it would really add to the server if we could add a few more map. I think that maps like jb_clouds or jb_peanut could potentially really benefit the server. Let me know what you think... thanks

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@google docs You can request maps using this form under Map Suggestions/Removals. We have Jb_clouds_sg that was edited for SG, It has been removed due to a bug but has a fix and should be back soon. Jb_peanut_v3r was removed because it was never played, But feel free to make a map suggestion.

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as infintyward mentioned, clouds got removed due to a bug and everyone hates peanut. staff tries to add new maps such as august and arctic (which are great maps) but people hate them and instantly rtv because they dont like change. its hard to add new maps when all people wanna do is play razor and revamp.

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It isn't a matter of people hating newer maps, it's getting used to a newer map. People generally like razor, revamp, and VIP because they've been on the server for so long, are easy maps to rebell on, and have a wide variey of known secrets. We have a lot of other good maps on Jailbreak, they just don't get played often. If you're frustrated with the constant map cycle you'd probably like maps like Clouds, Undertale, Arcade, and Avalanche. These maps aren't super popular, but people like them. If you ever find a good map with plenty of not hard secrets, make a map suggestion like @Infinityward said.

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Yeah I noticed people don't like changes... and mostly play jb_summer and jb_electric jail.


Also, do you know if and when jb_clouds would be getting put back in the server?




Clouds added. Peanut was recently removed for reasons above. If you have any map requests feel free to make them in the subforum listed above (: we're always looking for new maps to add.

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