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So the top rank in ct rn is tim at a whopping

[ATTACH=CONFIG]20574[/ATTACH](Btw its 14185.60 minutes)

But time time spent on jb is https://www.steam-gamers.net/stats.php

Which is that time but if u look at his ct time played its 5 days 20:43h which is 8400 minutes.

When the CT Ranks were added there was a bug and some people played for 10 minutes and instead of saying 10 minutes it would say 700 or so. I don't know if this is fixed but i remember the first day some people were at 700 in 1 map and i was still at 20.

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I believe there was an initial bug that caused weird significant jumps in CT time played. We didn't reset the playtime after it seemed to be fixed. Tim just grand-fathered the bug, and I don't have permission to change his database value. Can you try to compare somebody else's playtime that is new?

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I was trying to ask around a couple of new players i never seen on jb and none of them actually responded. In my experience for me the time seem to be working just fine and as bacon said it might just be the initial release of it.

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As of now, AFK Manager should be updated to prevent people from +left/right afking, but please report this if it is not the case. We also have something in the works that will come around sooner rather than later that will "fix" the bugged the CT times. As mentioned before, thanks for bringing it up, we appreciate it.

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