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Story Time Contest 7!!!

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creds to @Tyymunk for the banner


Welcome back Steam-Gamers to the seventh story time contest! For those of you who don't know how this works, you are given one or more theme(s) and based off of that theme each person writes a creative, well thought out story for the judges. The top 3 stories picked will receive some very nice prizes. Please read the rules and information below before submitting your story.


Just a reminder that you don't have to be a novelist or writer to make a good story, just use your imagination and create something amazing.


Autumn/Fall and Thanksgiving



1. Your story must be centered on the pre-selected theme. If you go off topic your story will be disqualified

2. If there is more than one theme, you may either pick one or incorporate all of them into your story

3. You must create a title for your story. Don't forget this rule!!!

4. Your story must be a minimum of 250 words. Any story that contains less than 250 words will be automatically disqualified

5.Make sure you follow the forum rules

6. Be creative, use your imagination, and have lots of fun!



1st Place: 3 Steam Games, Forum Award, 1 Month VIP

2nd Place: 2 Steam Games, 1 Month Sub

3rd Place: 1 Steam Game, 1 Month Sub




COD: WWII will include the Endowment Fear Not and Endowment Bravery Packs.

BATTLETECH will include the Flashpoint and ShadowHawk DLCs.




November 30, 2019 @ 11:59PM EST








The Judges are @Cept For Her, @Zayne, and @urp

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The rewards for the storytime contest will be as follows:



1st Place will get a choice of three games listed below

2nd Place will get a choice of two games from the remaining

3rd Place will receive one game




COD: WWII will include the Endowment Fear Not and Endowment Bravery Packs.

BATTLETECH will include the Flashpoint and ShadowHawk DLCs.

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I'll just give the google doc link. If I need to submit my story another way then let me know. Also I know I'm not a good writer but I figured I had too much free time so.

I re read my story , I apologize for the cringe.



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Don "Beefy Dick" and Zack "Isaac Ahmed" and The tale of the Altered Beast



As soon as the dust settles, you can see

A new world in place of where the old one had been

Your skin is crawling with dry, crusted mud

And your naked feet are wet in a pool of blood

And the whistle of the wind in your ears is so loud

That your memories have blown up in a mushroom cloud

And as your eyes accommodate

There appears by the meadow

A brute like a bear with a long, dark shadow

And you violently shake over what you have seen

As you remember the tale of the Altered Beast


Chapter 1: Some Context


You feel as though you're mistaken, that this idea isn't the brightest. Inconspicuously, you take a step in, knowing that you are far from the best. Zack, as they call you in the East, is not prepared to become one with the Altered Beast. Crimson red are the walls; so are your tears. Unprepared, you move along the dark, slimy alleys that are here. Intermittent light flashes guide you through the depth of this unknown cavity. Scared, naive, but curious, you continue your advance, knowing what awaits thee.


Chapter 2: "Encounter" No.69 Op. 48 No. 2 In C


Zack's journey had just begun

The cloudy sky revealed the disappearing sun




Soon vanishing

The Adventurer's gazing

The unknown depths below

Shadowed by the weeping willow


An unexpected encounter

Dear, why scream louder

I may seem nearly deceased

It is I, the Altered Beast


Chapter 3: A Change In Perspective


October 31st. Can't be more cliché, right? Fuck that shit. I'm cold, scared, wet. I don't know where I am. So what I entered this weird, dark, terrifying cave as the sun set? That shit's fiction. Hell, if there is something alive down this hole, Ima be eating this bitch. I'm hungry.


As I crawled in the darkness of the unexplored cave in front of me, I heard a growling. Something... inhumane, creepy. You know that dumb uncanny valley bullshit? Yeah, that kind of creepy. It did sound like.. a man, but it didn't. I continued working my way through, towards what could have emitted such a sound. Don't fucking tell me it was a bad idea, come on, of course it was. Anyways, back to me. As I kept going, I realized I didn't really want to keep going, you know? It was beyond me. Something was dragging me in. Yeah, the story is getting spooky, yeah, it's Halloween, but that shit's genuinely horrifying me.


At this point, I'm resigned to accept that this is the end. Fuck it, it either the man-eating chomper down there, or hypothermia outside.


As Zack continued his descent, the full moon rose in the sky as wolves howled in the deafening rain.


Chapter 4: Scripted Finding & Unsuspected Love


Zack walked further. The passage now wide enough for him to comfortably walk without having to crouch at times. The cave was lighting itself brighter and brighter, revealing treacherous shades of red on the floor. The intermittence of the lights soon became soft intervals, which stopped to completely light the cave in a hue between white and red. As Zack arrived to what could be interpreted as a doorway, the growling sound softened into an appeased cry, sounding more appealing each times. Zack, now fearless, entered the cavity, and faced an unknown entity. The humanoid shape slowly turned to face Zack, barely startled by his arrival.



What in the fuck ?



Hello Zack, I have been waiting for you.



This ain't about waiting for shit!.. You're talking, what are you?! How do you know my name?!



I'm not an "it", but a "who". You see Zack, I'm what you humans call an "Altered Beast". I don't bite, most of the times. I am Don "Beefy Dick", you can call me Don.



Ha-Happy to meet y-you.. S-sir Don..



Quit the formalities. Sit, let's have a meal. I heard you were hungry.



Heard? W-who told you I wa..


Zack quit mumbling has he realized there was a full 5 course meal waiting for him on a nearby "table". In quotes, because the cave seemed to have transformed into some kind of organic matter. The counter on which the food was placed on was an abnormal growth of the wall, sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the meal. Without being squishy or disgusting, the interior of the cave felt a little bit like rock, with the consistency of the insides of some kind of monster. However, hungrier than ever, Zack sat on the floor, and ate til he could no more.



I see you're now full, tell me about your day, Zack



I.. I


Zack felt dreamy, nearly ecstatic. Bordering euphoria, Zack was just feeling.. good. Thinking it was fatigue, Zack opened his mouth to answer the question, and seemed to fall asleep, entering a lucid dream-like state.


The Beast seemed... more appealing then ever. Zack eyes opened wide. Still in a dream, he thought. The Beast and him started getting closer and closer. Without a word, they got close enough, to a certain point where the only thing that was audible were their breaths, which got shorter and shorter. The background static, the organic sounds emitted from the cave's walls seemed to stop. Zack grabbed the short 4'10 Beast by the hips, and hugged it in a natural fashion.


The breathing stopped, as a single, slow, long, eternal kiss was exchanged between the two beings.


Chapter 5: The Wakening


The spatter becomes a spray the spray becomes a stream

And the stream becomes a waterfall

Munt is finally cascading from my input

The creeping sick moves from my breath

And into my heart where it is pumped to every inch of my body

I feel it snake through the knots of my deepest veins

And eats through the walls of my cells

It bleeds through the pores of my skin

And it smells good


Zack woke up in the bathroom at his place. Eyes twitching, he vomited some more. Thanksgiving night, he had eaten way too much. After what seemed like a fever dream, he barfed for what seemed like an eternity, as the dream he had just awoken from constantly replayed in his mind. After half an hour, his abdomen seemed to lack the strength to keep going, and finally empty, Zack returned to bed, completely exhausted.


As he drifted back to sleep, still dreaming, Zack heard it again.


The appeasing cries slowly formed audible words


Hello Zack, I've been waiting for you


Zack drifted back in




copyright roux film™ ©

source: genius.com/King-gizzard-and-the-lizard-wizard-murder-of-the-universe-lyrics


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