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  1. Dude can’t type for crap

  2. Thanks @20 scrolls and thank you everyone else for tuning into the event.
  3. event starting in 3 minutes load in now and once it hits 6 we will switch maps
  4. We do have some events with games outside of steam, if you have any other games that most of us don't know about just let us know. We just focus more around steam games because its easier to find free games on which most people could get to participate in the events. I like the idea of a Valorant event. Me personally will probably look for a game that's fun and a lot of people might enjoy. If we were to look for a game outside of steam, we would need enough to hold a good amount of people, be fun, and enjoyable to the point where we could see it happening again in the future.
  5. Bump, event is today.
  6. Gonna miss you kid we just took a big hit
  7. [JB] Admins vs Members Event! Thanks again to @crazedkangaroo for making this for us a while back ago! I, Wreck of the Steam-Gamers Events Team hereby continues the legacy of the Admins Vs Members events! (once again!) Sup ladies, I'm bringing this back because its never failed us once. Basically, the event is that all of the admins are CTs and they have to give normal orders. The members are the prisoners and they have to rebel against the admins in any way. It won't function any differently and it's still standard JailBreak, but it's a lot more of fun with the admins as CTs and all of the members as prisoners and I will say this now, the admins will go above and beyond to win any round they can! Also, just so its a little different from last time, we might switch roles of the CTS and let the members take over, which means Admins become the prisoners and Members become the CTS. This will most likely happen in the middle of the event. Where? Jailbreak - jb.steam-gamers.net:27015 When? Saturday, June 27th, at 6:00pm EST. Join our Steam-Gamers Events Group!
  8. thanks for giveaway again mayn