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I believe im done on these servers via there alot of targetting towards people who people know they can get reasons to ban people etc. For example a guy records cause he knows he can get me triggered enough i will rdm them or break rules. Also in my opion there is favoritism towards players via admins that is my personal opion there for im leaving the servers for abit.

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No matter how triggered or angry you get you shouldn't be breaking the rules, right? If in the rare event someone was targetting me or harassing me as a player I just ignored them and made a complaint, or logged off and went to take a walk.


What do you mean by favoritism? If you have a concern over an admin's conduct you can talk about it with an IA, but player complaints are an even playing field and no one is given special treatment.


Regardless, sorry to hear this happened and hopefully you can learn from this and moderate your temper. Hope you'll still be chilling out on the forums :).

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