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Nick Cannon Disses Eminem

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Nick Cannon went ahead and responded to (AFAIK) Eminem's comments about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon from his verse on a feature on Fat Joe's "Lord Above". From my own knowledge, Eminem claims Mariah Carey and himself had a fling in the early 2000's yet Mariah has always denied it. Later, after Mariah's release of that

, Eminem took shots at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in a song released in a late 2000's Album. If you want more updated and accurate information, you might want to check out this page six article. If you haven't listened to the song, here it is:





I really didn't enjoy the diss track at all. The rhyming was poor, and a lot of the hits that were intended to land (In their opinion) was god awful. Looks like Nick Cannon wants whatever's left of his career to be ended.

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It's actually hysterical Nick had to bring in 2 of the best battle rappers of all time on HIS diss track when they weren't even involved. Nick should have done his own song by HIMSELF and have a full song worth of disses instead of everyone having like 8 lines and a chorus... Eminem doesn't need to respond to this junk... though I would love to see how effortless Eminem could rebuttal with.

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