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Jailbreak Winter Spectacular!

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Shoutout to @ThRza for the awesome banner!

Jailbreak Winter Event


IP -


Come one, come all to the Jailbreak server this holiday season for some wintery fun. This year, we will bring you lots of new and exciting things for you to enjoy.

- Firstly, we are going to be adding winter/Christmas versions of electric revamp, spy vs spy, vipinthemix, and summer jail. (Credit to @Noxstar and @Infinityward for their work on these maps)

- We will also be bringing you new models (CT/T): Natalie / Santa Claus (Public), Christmas Miku / JackFrost (Sub), Christmas Zoey / Red Grinch (VIP)


The event will run from December 20th through January 6th, hope to see you all there!

We will start the event at 3:00 PM EST on the 20th, so everyone can be on to start the fun!



New Year, New Ranks


Also with this event, we will be wiping the current statistics for the CT Ranks. We know that the time you have put in to get your current chat ranks is going down the drain, but with multiple people with bugged times, we feel this would be a great time to give everyone a fresh start and revamp the competition for that number one spot. To encourage some competition, we will be rewarding the top 3 CTs with the most playtime at the end of the event.


The prizes will be as follows:

1st Place: 10,000 Credits

2nd Place: 5,000 Credits

3rd Place: 2,500 Credits




Gang Wars


Now, for the big portion of this event: Gang Wars. Gangs is a plugin on our server that is very much underused and has much potential to be a lot of fun on the server. We are going to be clearing the gang scores to start everyone fresh and bring some hype to the T-side as well.


For those unaware of how the Gangs plugin works with points, I will give a brief refresher for you guys and gals:

A kill on a CT will make you gain 2 points.

An assist on a CT will make you gain 1 point.

A death will make you lose 1 point.


Further commands can be seen in this thread.


The winner will be determined based on the Gangs that have the top scores and the rewards will go as follows:

1st Place: 10,000 Credits for each Gang member

2nd Place: 5,000 Credits for each Gang member

3rd Place: 2,500 Credits for each Gang member






While you are here you might as well join our steam group!


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T playtime would be better imo. For me and the other sweaty CT’s this is just another day in prison, (I. E. We never join T lmao) but I fear newbs gonna freekill and stack for credits, but we’ll see. Looks good on paper I could be wrong hopefully I am

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Thank you to everyone that came out and played during this event! Let's announce the winners of our two contests:


For the CT Time Contest-

1st Place: @Xp

2nd Place: @Spyhance

3rd Place: MrDark™


Gang Wars-


1st Place: Terrorists, Member(s): @InkySPOOKY, @Bacon, Gaymen, @Log, @Auto, @Janseen, @Tagwrack, @*Tim*, @20 scrolls, @frankie

2nd Place: Overkill, Member(s): @Spyhance, @Hotshot, @That1Under, @Jmcdon7, Dont Marsh My Mellow, @Steven24, @Chad., @benzene, @Rayman, @NuggetAC

3rd Place: cherry`, Member(s): wintertime


Winners, please contact a BD to receive your credits.

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