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Merry Christmas Minigames!

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Special thanks to @nesquik for the banner



Hello, it's now the holiday season and we want to celebrate with you guys on Minigames! With this event, there will be lots of editions and fun coming to the server. First off, there will be a 2x credit multiplier on weekends ONLY (Friday - Sunday.) We will also be replacing a few maps with new ones including Christmas themed edits (Huge thanks to @Infinityward)



mg_awp_submarine_v4csgo --> mg_awp_submarine_xmas

mg_ski_mountain_v2_csgo_sp --> mg_ski_mountain_sng_v2_sgxmas

mg_skytower_b1 --> mg_skytower_xmas

mg_super_tower_v4 --> mg_super_tower_sgxmas





New Models:








Blue Grinch








Friday, December 13th - Wednesday, January 1st




Minigames -



Have Fun and Happy Holidays!

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I'm going to blow the fucking brains out of these little MG kids...FEAR ME.


I'm also going to pipe all of their moms, LOL!


ok manny, i didn't know you felt this way about mg...


can't wait for the event!

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