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  1. For whatever reason on deathmatch maps (happened on southpark) and deathmatch modes on multigame maps, you don't receive cash for buying guns. Even if the rounds progress you don't gain any cash. So I guess the plugin's fucked or whatever
  2. I won't go into much depth on this thread as I agree with a lot of the points made here. I agree pretty much with what @meland @illiterate101alex have said. I agree with what @ThRzasaid since we were managers at the same time. I agree to an extent and wanted to clarify on this. ThRza and I knew what was gonna happen if we put a timer on MG, like how Alex said it sucked out the fun and made it more competitive. We had many people complain from the community saying add one. The plan was to add a timer that was able to toggle on and off and it would come default set to off. So players wouldn't join in, see zones + a timer, and think they were on a bhop server. This had to be custom made. Thrza and I both didn't know how to make a timer so we held off, we had a friend of ours Retro, working on a timer for us. Retro got into some beef with the community so the timer got scraped and around that time I was thrown out of office and thrza stepped down. Another plan to be added was to have course maps on a rotation each week or bi weekly. Once again, Thrza and I didn't know how to do this and nobody from SG cared to help us out or MG so that was scraped. It's gross the amount of course we have on the server now. This will be the last thing I hit on. Andrew while this may be true for some higher staff that wasn't the case for ThRza and I. I really hope one day you understand that I did everything in my power to help out MG. I was more involved in that community then you were at the time. The main issue was that ThRza and I had these ideas but nobody to help us out with it. Like I said I agree with what those people have said already even though I haven't been on the server in a long time. @Damon @Dom Although they might be coming off a bit aggressive I would seriously listen to these two @mel@illiterate101
  3. Would this be a bad time to ask how to change my rank name?
  5. I couldn't be bothered to read through everyone's replies. I suppose people have hit on this already but I don't believe this is fair to servers that don't get much attention. I know Gator mentioned something about communicating to the CAs about this, which I guess means play a lot more on the servers (I'm sure they won't get burnt out). Even so MG never has staff that's too dedicated to the server, or staff that exceeds SA for a long period of time. I got two supports on my admin app by two admins at the time. There was no CA , SR , or SM that could of recognized me back then. All I did was play MG, I made forums posts and didn't touch TS. Nobody knew about me besides the regs. I had to go out of my way to play on a server like JB because I knew there were more staff to see me there. Idk just seems tough for servers that have less staff. Another thing I saw Kieran mention was an issue with "staff quality". I think you can attribute that when the 100 post rule that got changed and slowly went down to zero post requirements. Now if anything the current rule doesn't make too much sense if we implement this. So I get that you mentioned there is no "whitelist" for non staff members to vote on the application, but what about past staff members. Obviously you've thought of this but how is it fair if I was staff one day got demoted or stepped down the next day then someone who I knew was a great member on a server applies and I wouldn't be able to support. In my application Dominic supported my admin app but this was a couple days after he stepped down. Having someone who was a previous AT manager (I believe) support your app was a big deal and I think that might of swayed the opinion of getting my application approved. That vote wouldn't be able to happen if this rule was in place.
  6. Played this map multiple times with Alex and on the test server. Really cool looking reskin gives the map a fresh and new vibe. Never wanted to add it just because we had the original but since you guys already added a reskin then I’d go ahead and replace it with this. If it works with all the hdr shit of course.
  7. why the fuck are you on this lol

  8. I've been active for this past week and it's mainly been course. I completely agree with @Sully's opinion. Shouldn't be adding a ton of styles.
  9. Don't know what happened in the time between me being manager but it used to be scroll hop for this map. I thought Damon liked less autohop on things so idk why scroll hop was removed and autohop was put on