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  1. Just factory reset my entire PC to find out that I'm still crashing when trying to run games. Cleaned all my files for nothing please if anyone has an idea on how to fix this let me know
  2. Although I've never had a real conversation with you I have a huge amount of respect for everything you've done. I hope you can figure everything out with your health. Thank you for everything.
  3. Dong

    New styles

    I've been active for this past week and it's mainly been course. I completely agree with @Sully's opinion. Shouldn't be adding a ton of styles.
  4. Imagine losing to someone who's inactive
  5. Don't know what happened in the time between me being manager but it used to be scroll hop for this map. I thought Damon liked less autohop on things so idk why scroll hop was removed and autohop was put on
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    A true realone Pourin one out tonight for you.
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