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  1. Although I've never had a real conversation with you I have a huge amount of respect for everything you've done. I hope you can figure everything out with your health. Thank you for everything.
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    New styles

    I've been active for this past week and it's mainly been course. I completely agree with @Sully's opinion. Shouldn't be adding a ton of styles.
  3. Imagine losing to someone who's inactive
  4. Don't know what happened in the time between me being manager but it used to be scroll hop for this map. I thought Damon liked less autohop on things so idk why scroll hop was removed and autohop was put on
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    A true realone Pourin one out tonight for you.
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  7. Well I suppose I'll make a post. I feel like I'm always shouting at a wall whenever these types of threads come out. The issue that reid is presenting is that autohop in general or on certain maps is ruining gameplay and player's experience on the server thus, causing players to leave the server. I'm sure all of you are aware that this has been an issue for a couple years now, nothings new. If you think this is the reason the server isn't pulling numbers, then you're wrong. There's multiple reasons why the server may or may not be pulling numbers but the main one I want to focus on is the playerbase. The players are ruining the server. I say that in the least offensive way. The players are the sweaties that "ruin" these maps. The players don't care about joining the forums or the presences, or lack thereof, a community. As soon as the server isn't enjoyable they leave. Rather it be from sweaties ruining gameplay or getting bored. So what happens if we go through with this? Well there's many cases that tell us that this would probably negatively affect the server. Let's first look to other MG servers. The obvious thing you can point at is the highest mg server ATM which is GFL. GFL, has removed their autohop (I believe) and the server is doing great. I'm going to have to write this one off because GFL's playerbase is massive and started extremely casual. They had no MG server, created one with authop, MG players joined that were good, shit on them, so GFL in returned removed autohop. This works for them because they very briefly had autohop on and they have a massive playerbase. They're able to start from scratch and make it work. We are not capable of doing that because of the opposite reasons I listed for GFL. Another example for servers would be Tango. They brought back their MG server but as "classic MG", meaning no autohop and that shit died. Damon mentioned that making these changes would bring back more casual gameplay and thus bring back more casual players. We can't afford to do this. We simply don't have enough players. If the main base of our mg regulars are sweaties / experienced players then you'd be losing the main base of your population. If you don't believe this just look at any previous changes or lack of changes to our server that brought "casual gameplay" such as RTD or when MG didn't have autohop. I wasn't there for MG not having autohop but in a previous thread Dominic mentioned that the server was dead until they added autohop. So why not just nuke the server and start a new? Here's how I see it. We start a new, kill our playerbase, have no autohop or super limited autohop and people are playing the maps how they were intending. Then what? Do you think the server will start to grow. After how long do you think people we get tired of the same old shitty maps from source and very early CS:GO times? After how long will there be people who instead of getting bored just get really fucking good and find ways to be the best? After how long will these players be labeled "sweaties" who are ruining gameplay? It's a cycle. People get bored of the same maps because nobody is making new mg maps that are good. What makes the server not as boring as playing the same maps with the same gamemodes on them? Adding autohop. Here's an example of someone making a new mg map with limited autohop on it. Darnias' Mikis Multigames 2. It won the gamebanana mg map contest. Must be good then right? IMO not really and the majority of the server felt the same. Nobody was crazy about that map and that's how I feel our server will turn out if we tweak maps to have limited autohop. Listen this whole post is just a bunch of rambling from an old man clinging to his brushes but I'm telling you that this isn't the answer. I can't exactly tell you what the answer is, but I know it's not this. I'd rather discuss this at a meeting instead of Damon just saying "ok" and going forward with this. Not like my opinion matters much anymore. If I can leave you with anything, then it's this. Try to ask the MG community and not the forums. Forums are great don't get me wrong but you need to know what little of our population thinks. Anyways thanks for reading.
  8. I'll save this for a last ditch effort. I would be down for it but my internet is so dogshit that it would take years to redownload everything