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!Calladmin Revealing Stealth Admins

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This is also a thing on the other servers like TTT. It's also not that hard to figure out when an admin leaves the server and when they go undercover (with the chat message not ZZL's way). Recently (on TTT at least) a lot more people have been figuring this out and give away admins by saying they didn't actually leave or they're still here etc. not sure if staff feels like this is something that needs to be fixed as its not too big of a deal but I'm sure it's frustrating for some admins who are trying to do their job and have a player they are watching act differently because they know an admin is still on.

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I feel like this issue can be easily solved, now that its been brought to attention, by simply having admins change their names while in spec.

There's also the fact that a lot of people don't even know about the call admin command.


I agree with Dom that it is pretty easy to see when an admin switches to spec as the disconnect message is quite different from the normal one, and undercover admins are quite noticeable as well. It is a very common occurrence for regulars to call these admins out.


I think the bigger issue comes from when an Admin is on and a hacker or a repeat rdmer gets on. These admins then go to spec to collect evidence and people who dont realize that this is procedure for admins or who arent aware of the signs of an admin going to spec, think the admin just left or isnt doing their job. These people then take it into their own hands to "take care of" or rdm the hacker/rdmer. This stops the admin from being able to gather the evidence they need which ends up keeping the rdmer/hacker on longer.


Its a tough balance between these two issues but I think exposing an undercover or ghosted admin should be punished to help discourage this behavior in the future.

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