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Make the ZE server run more smooth when there are more people

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For the map particles itself, it's up the ZE managers if they want to do that.


As for the tracer particles or trail particles, you can do !store in chat, press 3, and from there, you can disable any particles if you want (does not affect map particles if I'm correct).

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The only way to get rid of custom player particles & auras is to disable them in /shop. For the map particles, we are only able to do so much with them, but we can not get rid of them. These were put in by the map creators for reasons for items and bosses.


For your issue that you listed above to make the ZE Server run smoother when there are more people on, sounds like an fps issue. My frames are fine and I'm sure a lot of others are too. The ZE dedi is big enough to run a full server without having game-breaking lag.

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