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  1. beeen more like baaad

  2. case


  3. What is your in-game name? [sG] Beeen What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_1:1:186837421 Amount of karma for submission: 1440 Screenshot of karma
  4. Advent Calendar Event Submission What is your in-game name? [sG] Beeen` What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_1:1:186837421 What week are you submitting this for? Week 2 [ZE and MG] - (12/15 - 12/22) Screenshot of maps you beat (BHOP only) N/A
  5. Synk

    Beeen? More like has no gold knife skills.

  6. So you still want to change your name to mine?

  7. What is your in-game name? [sG] Beeen What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_1:1:186837421 Amount of karma for submission: 1175 Screenshot of karma
  8. Bump, this event has started.
  9. Bee eat bean that was planted by Beeen


  11. Beeen


    Honestly, just listen to the leader of whoever is leading the map. If they tell you it's a crouch, you crouch, if it's a jump, you jump, etc. There's also bhop assist on the server so it's really easy to bhop. (DON'T USE SCRIPTS OR HYPERSCROLL OTHERWISE YOU GET BANNED.)
  12. Like what I meant as a shield barrier is that humans get immunity for 2-3 seconds so that way they don't get infected by those who edged.
  13. So here we go. I'm a ZE player and I just don't get why people edge. There are always sometimes people who edged and get infected, and that person who edged will keep on infecting more people due to their stupidity. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that maybe try to delay the infection for 1-2 seconds. What this is it that if you get infected, humans have a 1-2 second shield barrier before getting infected. Having this will prevent zombies from knifing the humans causing them to lose. Even though this might sound like a dumb idea, but I think that is really good to have since there's always that one person who edges and then getting the team killed. With this plugin or idea, I feel like this would be a good idea for the humans to get a chance to survive if they are close to the human who got edged and infected. Thank you for taking the time to read this.