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  1. Gods trigger, Boundless, and swords and soldiers 2 shawarmageddon ty
  2. Boutta Cream on everyone
  3. Not going to read all of the stuff above because its ode however, I've been fortunate to be apart of the ZE community here at SG for a really long time since source and was able to work with the ZE team during my time as a CA and AT. One thing that has struck out and is extremely obvious is the change in player base. The player base always changes due to various reasons that are out of your control. Some people are busy with life, others just lose the passion for ZE, which is what I stressed during my final community meeting. You have to be dynamic and be ready to welcome any new players, as new players come and feel welcomed, they tell others and soon you will have a community within ZE. During my time as an AT and ET, I was fortunate enough to have a live player base. We would pull in constant 40+ during events and even have 20 when we didn't. Things were looking promising, we were even able to get ZE from 2,000+ all the way down to 300+ in the span of a few months. There's always going to be new players who will come and soon they will look to become something higher such as AT's, there's always new people out there searching and it takes time. When I was an AT managing the server with Wesker to be brutally honest it was a yin yang relationship. Wesker was working more on the server side (configs, plugins, balance changes, etc) and I was working more on the community side (Meetings, Events, Maps, Feedback, etc.). It worked out and we had a server with constant pop going for a decent while. People who have been here for a while will most likely know what happened, and people who view this thread will care about ZE so I won't comment more about what happened, however I assume that this thread is asking for advice on how we can get ZE back up again. I will give a shoutout to the 3 AT's who came after me and Wesker left since I know what they had to do in order to get the server back up again. However, you will never gain a new player base in my opinion without advertising. This was something that I wanted to do when I was AT, whilst working with the Marketing team to possibly get some outreach and get new players into the server. There is honestly not much you can do from the server side to get the server back up and alive. Everything revolves around the community, if there's no interest, you get a dead server. One thing I kept saying when I was a staff here was that we needed to appeal to new members and looking at the situation, that's all the help I can give you. BoM mentioned somewhere above about having the right kind of community as well as staff to run the server and that is true for any server, however for ZE its a lot more true. You have the largest player cap for the server as well as some of the largest maps, and not to mention you have to memorize the map gameplay as well as items/boss so that you can enjoy the game mode. One of the biggest turnoffs for new players who are trying to experience the game is being yelled at for misusing an item or getting infected really quickly because they don't know where to go. As for the staff portion, it takes a certain level of dedication and passion for ZE to be able to manage it. I always had the thought behind my mind to come back one day to help out again, but I find myself, losing the free time that I used to have to pour my hours into the server. You'll find your right staff with due time and when you find a new player base, you better hope you don't let them out of your grasp.
  4. Why cant we watch black widow
  5. @Infinitywardno one here knows of the legendary heli squad.