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  1. pls dont unban :pepelaugh:

  2. Can we have frostdrake event. Frostdrake is a very hard map it requires good leader and a good team if anyone wanna check the map and how to beat the boss, wanna beat this map pls make event also me try to lead. https://steam-gamers.net/profile/20940-akopogi/ Follow me and win frostdrake hehe
  3. Follow me and win frostdrake 

  4. Eh pls eban derpy hes trolling with wall. pls eban
  5. To the admins who don’t play ze stop bitching on max devil he just want to make the server less retarded
  6. Event for any SG members
  7. My favorite book is I am number 4 its really good and it has a movie.
  8. Mine is " If life give you lemons, make a lemonade"
  9. hmmm lets see first theres school then regs got banned = server ded because not enough regs in server also server only gets full when theres event on weekends (good event)
  10. Akopogi

    Sports Anime

    If you guys want some good sports anime you should watch Haikyuu(Volleyball) watch at least 4 episode and decide if its good or not and Also watch Diamond no Ace its a shonen baseball anime (the plot and character development is good in this anime).
  11. Is it possible to reduce the map particles(depends on the map), tracer particles or trail particles because particles kinda makes the game a little bit laggy
  12. Welcome to the forums b!