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I personally would love to see another UHC event or really any other minecraft related event. I did lose 7 hearts due to lag on today's event. (I dropped from a high point to a ravine and placed water but lag happened and the water never was placed) I had to go so with low hearts and a lack of luck, I jumped of a cliff. Point is if the event was ran better server side it would be a 10/10. I think that Phoenix and other Event Team Members will work to make sure the next MC event runs smoothly next time.

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I think that having more Minecraft events is fine, there isn't a lot of people that don't have Minecraft. Things like UHC, Skywars, Bedwars, and general party minigames are extremely do-able if done correctly. Even different UHC events are great like random items or random recipes, there is a lot you can do with Minecraft.


Suggestions for the next UHC event:

  • Make it so you cant spawn in the ocean
  • Actual Grace Period
  • Actively shrinking world border

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Other suggestions

Could decrease the spawn rate of mobs during the grace period but almost double the spawn rate after the grace period has ended

The increased drop rate of apples from trees because personally I think a few people were actually able to regenerate some of their health

Maybe some custom maps that could be implemented like a Tropical Island so you're eventually forced to the middle of it

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