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just make a thing that says what the next map is at the end of the round so 20 people dont have to type it out and spam chat everytime the map changes.

this isnt important or anything, but just something that would be somewhat useful. i mean it probably wouldnt be that hard to implement, considering the fact that the stuff for nextmap to work is already there. (but considering it is anything related to modifying a source game it will still probably take 10 hours) idk just something that i think of whenever a map ends.

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to me either one works out. I am kind of a weirdo and I type nextmap in console so it doesn't spam chat. but to me if they implemented this I wouldn't mind it at all.

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I literally just have my f9 key bound to nextmap. It's not that hard to figure out console bind commands, but it's pretty simple:


Type this into console:

bind "f9" "say !nextmap"

obviously it doesn't have to be f9, it can be any key you choose. This also works with any other command, such as !fo, !lr, !stopmusic, toggle voice_enable, !unstuck, !explode, !marker, et al.

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