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  1. man i love falling for guys this event is gonna be great
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  3. im not a reg what do i press
  4. Jmc

    oh my god tetheeesyysys

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      ohm y god jmsea

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    Raffle Poll

    rust skins cause SG expanded into rust, and idk if there's cosmetics for squad but if there is, add those in as well.
  6. oh this went somewhere nice
  7. i remembered that this is a thing, and thought that it would be a nice addition for the extra melee weapons that supporters get (!dz). on the wiki it says that it dosent deal damage, but i tested it in game and it functions exactly as a normal knife. is there a specific reason that it isnt already available for supporters? or has it just been forgotten about?
  8. ig i should play agro for once shouldnt i
  9. man cmon tethys

  10. How do you have supreme gloves?