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I didn't know if I should put this here or in the suggestions box but ended up putting it here so if a ca+ feels it belongs there and wants to move it, feel free to. Onto the actual point of the thread, there's a skin donor award, but nothing for if u donated a game. I'm totally not making this post just bc I donated a game for vip and want an award.


It could be something like


(literally just the skin donor award but with different colors)

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In my opinion, I don't think this should be an award. I already find like we have a lot of awards and this one seems pretty pointless. If we we're to add something in that sort I would suggest more to change "Skin Donor: You donated at least $15 in CSGO skins to SG!" to " Skin/Game Donor: You donated at least $15 in CSGO skins or games to SG!" and keep the award as it is.

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The awards are getting a complete overhaul with the new forums. We won't be adding a game donor award but instead we're changing the skin donor one to be an item donor award. This hasn't been done yet even though we've discussed it a while ago because it's not really a high priority when we want to completely redo all the awards for our new forums.

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