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Add /ghost to TTT

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I really do like this feature from JB as you can explore the maps and get to know them better from going around after you die. One of the main things I like about this is it makes the time after you die pass a lot faster, because you're still doing something. Another benefit of /ghost is you can get to learn some maps a little better.

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This plugin is pretty harmless, don't see why it wouldn't be added. It was a nice addition to MG, allowing us to practice a certain jump on a map, or just to hop around till the round ends. I wouldn't say it gives any extra help in learning a map, since you can just do that by noclipping through the map, but it's nice to get a feel for things the way you would if you were alive.

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I really like this idea, being that this is already in certain servers I don’t see a problem with adding it to TTT. There are some maps that I would personally like to explore more often and see what everything’s all about. Adding onto what papa said, I would definitely like to practice long jumps to different areas on a good portion of the maps.

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This idea has been implemented into Jailbreak so you can actually do stuff, like bhop around while you're waiting for the next round to start. It's fun, and harmless since you can't really have an effect on the remaining players. I see no reason why this shouldn't be added to TTT as well.

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The way the ghost plugin is created would not work on the TTT server. It'd heavily conflict with it and has been tested before. Bugs that appeared were bodies disappearing and the player's status being changed on the scoreboard. I do not believe there is a way to actually fix this with our current TTT plugin since the ghost plugin "respawns" the player.


Definitely would've been something added but these bugs definitely outweigh the pros.



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