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To put a video press the film looking icon next to the smile. the picture is right next to it, for example to get it to work in a signature but .jpeg, .png aswell as .jpg. And if you have a file saved to your computer press the insert image button then press from computer. This makes you able to choose a picture/attachment from your computer.



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First, click on the Settings button.






Then, click on the Edit Signature button.






Click on the corresponding button to add either a picture, screenshot, or video. Note that pictures can be uploaded or taken from a website using a link, but videos can only be added via link.






Another option you have is to use the SIGPIC feature. This can be a picture from the web or from your computer, or it could be a link.






Once you've chosen and added a signature picture, you can insert it into your signature by clicking the insert SIGPIC button, or by typing

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] into your signature.






Hope this helped.

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