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  1. Two.

    yall fw the woo or nah.

    no cap no cap.
  2. so yall fw pop smoke or nah. I personally really like pop smoke, his voice and the uk drills are just a really good match and the energy that he brings into some of his songs for example Invincible, Armed N Dangerous etc. In my opinion his best album is Meet the woo, best song PTSD anyway, if you like pop smoke (you cant forget the smoke), What is your fav song and Album? Dont like him well just say i have a bad taste in music.
  3. rodeo travis scott.
  4. Two.

    Answered how

    How do you put a, screenshot or a video in your signature?
  5. mijo tran deja de jugar jb y baÑate ok?

  6. mijo tran ponte a deja de jugar jb y baÑate ok?

  8. sir yes sir.

  9. John

    DM me with your new name option.