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  1. ribbon test, welp forgot to do it oh well
  2. case

    command suggestion

    What he is talking about is a command usually known as !showclips where it would show invisible walls on maps you could use for bhop runs as seen in this image. (this is from another server but im pretty sure it is on SG aswell) You could use it on open maps where you can grapple on to the invisible walls for huge skips.
  3. play apex with me now

  4. dad I miss you

    1. 20 scrolls

      20 scrolls

      karma gamer 

  5. case

    JB Juggernaut event

    You're right hypno! Really exciting event!
  6. stfu stupid bitch

  7. retard





  8. "Go back to GFL or whatever ZE server you play on" ~ Roddy Have fun on ZE little one
  9. You already met them on MG when you wanted to kick us out for your anime model lol
  10. Hey look a fan!

  11. The event was over a bit ago. We almost beat stage 12 but unfortunately couldn't
  12. case

    ZE Harry Potter Event!

    ZE Harry Potter Event! To find out more about the event, please look at this thread:
  13. ... Ok, so now on to the actual topic. This is what our ZE server tags look like. Other top servers have stuff like "bhop, bhopping, surf, and even some top TTT and JB servers pop up when you search up zombie. I think that changing our ze tags to some of these can help pull in more people searching and a larger chance of being discovered. If a normal surf player see's a ZE server that has a lot of players, they are bound to pull some interest and attempt to join the server. Here is some of our current tags and some tags that a few people and I believe to be a bit more optimized for the search bar: ga,fastdl,states,eastern,sg,steam gamers.escape,mod,ze,steamgamers,united,usa,vip,us,ze,zm,zm,zombie,zombie escape,zombie mod [current tags] [21] zombie,zomb,ze,ze(_),zm,zm(_),bhop,surf,sg,steamgamers,canada,us,usa,anime,zombie escape,zombie mod,fastdl,knife,ws,store,steam-gamers [21]
  14. case

    osu! Event

    We ended up starting 30 minutes early and ending 30 minutes late. I'd like to thank everyone who's attended and made the event as fun as it was!
  15. case

    osu! Event

    I'll have to delay the start till 7PM EST, sorry for any inconvenience.
  16. case

    osu! Event

    second bump! event is today at 6 est! Don't miss it!
  17. case

    osu! Event

    bump! event is tomorrow at 6!
  18. Event is over! Thanks for attending!