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  1. mhm i have a money and budgeting esk class where she literally reads paragraphs and tells us to do homework on what she read instead of teaching.
  2. yea, same here. I don't really like it but generally I do good depending on how the teacher is and how they teach. and the schedule is ass, i have a class that makes me completely skip lunch due to starting and ending times on certain classes (yes i'm actually going to school)
  3. these Regs aren't ready especially @RemixedPixel
  4. Very happy to be apart of the team! congrats everyone!
  5. I never really had a conversation with you but the magnitude of things you've done over the years is insane. I hope the best for you and your health. Stay safe and healthy out there!
  6. I agree with you on this entire section, the people who join just to troll through orders, free kill, and general trolls usually don't care even if we slay them and give the necessary tools to learn the rules they don't care and continue the same behavior or try to do something like mfk. But as you said, it will help a little but not as much as I initially thought. Still, I think its a good idea to add this prompt (if possible) to help out the people who want to understand the rules, and if they don't notice it or don't understand it we as admins and regs could help these people understand it completely again to avoid getting punished.
  7. written by Dominic in 2018 in This thread (guard rules third down). There is a against the rules, and like @splayd said in his post its classified as throwing meaning it is punishable by admin. If a CT for example is giving several freedays every round and is conflicting real orders with a freeday that person again can be punished by admin. And If their isn't an admin present use /calladmin and report them. I do agree that this does happen a lot and personally i think we need to start cracking down on this a lot more then we already do. Addition: while talking to @RemixedPixel about this topic we both agreed that maybe a chat prompt telling people what conflicting is and what it means like the cardinal orders being unreasonable. This shows up in chat and is in a brighter color to have a higher chance to see it. Good CTs who give good orders and real orders seem to get overshadowed by people who constantly give conflicting orders and give freedays on freedays just to conflict the current given during that round. When looking at this issue and the people who cause it, it looks like CT that don't understand conflicting rules or people who come on JB just to troll. So adding this chat prompt and making people understand this rule would be best for this issue.
  8. from what i've seen it looks good but i would wait for the beta to release to say for certain how this game will play out. (the zombies teaser was awesome tho)
  9. Small promo thread my ass! congrats everyone, very well deserved! @Applily welcome to the team