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  1. congrats everyone! @Pog. don't do what I did @Acer nice to this
  2. I really enjoyed the 1v1 server when people played it. Barely anyone got on before the server was removed, I loved the sever a lot, but eventually nobody had any interest to get on and play and it ended up empty for quite a while, I just have a feeling it'll sit like that again unfortunately.
  3. Congrats everyone! Welcome back to the few returning.
  4. Ive always had an interest in Berserk as so many people keep telling me that's it's a great manga but ive never gone out of my way to read it. But from what ive seen, including this panel Studio Gaga does an amazing job at displaying emotion. Should read it? I feel like ima get super enveloped and read it all in one sitting and be sad when I'm done ;-;
  5. congrats! welcome back dominic
  6. poor soul