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  1. a little late but thanks for all you've done my ET, CA buddy. :usa2:

  2. he purple

  3. This is incredible and I can not wait to play! I am trembling from the excitement in my body to play the Steam-Gamers Survival Games Event! I encourage you all to play the Steam-Gamers Survival Games Event this Friday at 7 PM EST. I am absolutely honored to be able to participate in an event with the renowned 'YA BOI Strayyz' (Streamer and Events Coordinator) from Great event Strayyz
  4. Jmc

    A  fallen soldier o7 

  5. Congrats you two @3ni and @Cody. :D
  6. Congrats you 3 very well deserved!
  7. good job guys nice to see this out finally. @20 scrolls ;)
  8. Event is over, thanks to everyone that attended <3
  9. Starting a little early! hop on or else
  10. Event Starts In 30 Mins!