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Dying first round for no reason

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No I get in the game when warmup starts when it’s first round I die for no reason


If you switch teams, you might also die in the middle of the round. There's a bug that makes you swap teams if you press "1" occasionally, just press "Esc" on your keyboard twice to fix it if that's the issue.

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Is this happening on every map that loads in, or on just specific maps? Also, how many times has this happened to you, and do you know of anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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I experience the same issue, it's not a map issue unless you're playing that map for the 1st time and are downloading the textures, etc. It's mainly an internet problem, seeing how I always get it on every sg server because I live far away.

If I do happen to load in quick, what I normally do is check the background of the game to see if i'm already on a team and alive so I don't kill myself trying to join a team and play the 1st round, If not on a team, just join one quick and test your luck to see if you can play 1st round. I hope this fixes your issue.

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The player is banned and is unable to respond to the thread, so I will be locking it.


He most likely just wasn't connecting in time to make the first round. 

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