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[SG] Discord Karaoke Night...

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I have had this on my mind for a while and I have thought about a community Karaoke night where we can sing to our hearts content. This Event, if accepted, should take place within the [SG] Discord area. Although, this could be considered mic-spam, we could make a custom Discord Channel, within the [SG] one, labeled "Karaoke." Song requests are needed to get the party rockin',  I sound so cringey smh, Song request should be played someone who is within charge of the Event or with a bot, or we could sing with no music. I am not gay btw.

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I remember we had one awhile ago back when TeamSpeak was still up and it was a blast.


I don't know if this issue has been fixed, but I remember that when a lot of people used to join one of the channels in the SG Discord, it would cause a lot of lag and robotting. I don't know if the issue has been dealt with, but if it hasn't that may be a major obstacle to a successful event.

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Karaoke nights used to be an almost monthly thing at some point and everyone loved them. 


The main problem at the moment is probably, as Benzene mentioned, discord voice quality. When 3 or more people try to talk at the same time, all you can hear is a clusterfuck of noises that probably wouldn’t sound like music if people were singing. If something could be done about that, or just hosted elsewhere, I’m sure the events team would be glad to host one of these. 

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