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That Time of the Year Again

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Hello Gamers!


As you all may know, pride month is upon us and SG has donned it's usual fruity clad. It is time again for us to asses ourselves and how we treat our marginalized and vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community in our community.


You may ask yourselves "What more can we do?". We've already banned members that sought to groom gay children. We've already banned words that may give PTSD to gay children in the community. What could possible be left?


To answer this, we must look no further than the T in LGBTQ: Transgenders. This group of poor souls find themselves unable to live their lives comfortably in the usual sexual dynamics that most of us participate in and, as such, may find it necessary to change their names, pronouns, or bodies to live their lives in some degree of comfort. This can result in feelings of discomfort, hurt, dysphoria, and trauma should someone use the wrong words to refer to them. With this in mind, it is important that we do all that we are able to in order to protect these members of the community and prevent accidental harm from besetting them.


I am asking that we come together as a community to make the appropriate and necessary changes in support of this marginalized group. The option for users to share their gender status on their profile must be added. A feature for users to add their pronouns next to their name should also be implemented. This will be necessary apart from our name change feature as pronouns are not constant and may change many times in the 90 day lockout the name change feature has. Lastly, it must be made a punishable offense to misgender members that choose to express their pronouns on the forums - it's completely ridiculous that this hasn't been taken seriously already.


If these terms are not taken seriously, if the Board is not comfortable implementing them at this time - that is completely understandable. However, it would be dishonest to say that the community supports or is any more than indifferent to these individuals and should take down the Pride cladding promptly to prevent it from appearing as a grift.


Thank you all for reading and supporting this pressing issue, I hope the community can come together and make the right choice on this!

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I honestly forget if it ever made it to the public eye but this shit was suggested like literally over a year ago by  @TheZZL. I think when I was tasked when sending @BoMa long list of shit to push out in the forums update that may have been on the list? Honestly don't remember at this point but iirc from reading through the massive changelogs and documentation from the company we use for the forums, this should(?) be possible. 


This goes beyond trans people as well, this would also apply to non-binary individuals who don't particularly associate with any gender at all.


But yeah @bomb does the forums man have any thoughts?

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So we talked about this, and maybe its something to implement in the future. Would be a big thing to implement and we'd have to limit the pronoun options available to keep it from being used to simply troll. Even then, lots of trolling potential...but no more than this thread of course.


We spoke in length, and per your recommendation we will be removing the 'pride cladding' based on all this information. This change will be implemented on July 1st.

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