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  1. If you post on my profile ever again, I will eat your ass fam

  2. CSGO, but I'm about as good as a cardboard 5

  3. league or CSGO? If it's csgo you'll probably want to kys. I don't think I have you added

  4. We need to play some comparino soonarino?

  5. End school and hope that games coming out around this time suck cock
  6. $585 what the fuck fam

  7. Uhhh i think i met you the yesterday on TS with Potatoes&capp'n :)

  8. Pan is a true epic memer for his work on ZE

  10. I'm going to elbow drop you from the stratosphere

  11. on a scale of 1 to james

    You broke the scale

  12. angry birds t-shirt

  13. your bad at life k