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  1. rest in peace steam gamers
  2. Spread those cheeks cause im coming
  3. RuO

    [ZE] Nostalgic Event

    Atix Apocalypse is played everyday on SG when i refresh the server list but yeah the other maps aren't played as often on this server. These maps are played everyday on a different server though and I was thinking of SG for a second
  4. RuO

    [ZE] Nostalgic Event

    these are already played everyday
  5. Is this a weeb server now? But seriously gimme 2B
  6. Isn't the serpentis boss broken? Personally I want to tryhard grau with a full server. I think grau might be broken too
  7. Glad to see more events but was wondering what "VIP Escape mode enabled" means?
  8. Server is now rank 384 and doing worse than before. Hoping we can make some changes real soon.
  9. Sahok because its pretty difficult and the surprise at the end ;)
  10. More events sounds like a good start. Good way to get everyone together. Maybe Longer map cool-downs as well, just so we have a chance to play more maps that aren't played often.
  11. There are 5 players on the server as we speak. It's a Friday too The server also dropped from around rank 10-15 to 80.
  12. The server has been dead these past 2 months, lets be honest. I don't remember the last time we had a full server like in the past. I think its time for someone to speak about this. The same 5 maps are being played everyday and it's pretty ridiculous that we play Tilex, Surf froyo, Sky athletic, Surf vortex. Oh and did i mention Tilex lol? All I hear is "TILEX, TILEX, FROYO, FROYO" when the map vote kicks in. Keep in mind these are really difficult maps and most of the time there isn't a leader. Now when there is a leader, you have micspammers yelling. Talking about pizza and cats in the backround. Yet no one can hear what the leader is saying. I understand some of these maps are unbeaten and it's cool how they are trying their best to beat them but when the map is extended so many times, everyone leaves. Hopefully there is something we can do about this, seriously. I don't hate these maps but i'm speaking for people who are tired of these maps as well.
  13. RuO

    New Awards!

    Can i get an award for being gay?