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  1. @IM NEVER WONG @Netfix late night mojo sing alongs. totally not cringe xd
  2. cuz I agree. I really miss this feature.
  3. I knew you were really Chris Pine irl!
  4. Well this is hype! Hopefully our servers have enough deditated wam to support this event... I got family stuff most Sunday evenings, but I'll try to join as soon as I can.
  5. Bump cuz WB said it's finally coming out now. The new release date is Dec 25th in theaters for US and Dec 16th international. The wonderful thing is that they're gonna release it on HBO Max on Dec 25th free of charge for all subscribers!!! Pretty hype! Personally, I prefer to see movies in theaters for the experience, but I'll have to see how safe it's gonna be and how comfortable I am going to the theater.
  6. Well deserved all around! What a dream team. You really love to see it. Gametracker rank 3 incoming
  7. Maybe this is too specific and even unnecessary, but I thought I'd start a discussion anyway. We should consider adding a rule about Point-Farming. Specifically, we should add a rule about point-farming during parts of a map when humans should be focused on shooting a boss/objective. Lately, I've heard a lot of complaints about players trying to point-farm by focusing on shooting zombies during boss fights, even when zombies are not able to chase the humans. Zombies are usually held back in a separate area that has no path to the humans or are held in a cage while the humans have to fight the boss. There is no actual reason to be shooting zombies during this point other than point-farming. Multiple times, even during events, I have witnessed this point-farming going on. It usually isn't a big deal because a leader or an admin will tell people to stop and that's that. Sometimes people are still greedy and continue to do it, causing humans to have to go out of their way to single-out players that are engaged in this behaviour and calling them out by name hoping to publicly shame them into stopping. This takes away more effort that should be focused on a boss/objective. Sometimes it doesn't make a difference, but more often than not, if all the humans aren't focused on shooting the boss, we will lose the fight and it causes us to repeat the same stage which in turn causes frustration and monotony which lead to people getting tired of the event or even leaving the server altogether. The thing is, there currently isn't a rule against this, so technically there's nothing preventing these people from continuing to point-farm when they should be helping the humans defeat the boss/objective. I could possibly see this fall under "No team killing / griefing" or "Teamwork is required" which are both already part of the server rules, but that's a bit of a stretch. So, without an explicit rule, admins and players are left without the proper tool to actually enforce what they're saying. If it did become a rule, I wouldn't expect it to result in any major punishments, as like I said, most people already listen with a simple warning even without it being punishable. Thoughts?
  8. @Maniacdude I love me some Com Truise! Saw him live in like 2011 when he opened for The Glitch Mob. I've enjoyed his stuff ever since. I used to drive 40 mins to visit my buddy at college and I'd just put on an entire Com Truise album. Mighta been "In Decay". Great stuff! Recently I randomly discovered this dude Todd Terje and really liked his album Inspector Norse. This is my fav song off the ep
  9. Is it possible to change my rank without having to buy sub? As of right now it is "Banned" and as you can see I'm no longer banned, so I would like to have it removed entirely. Maybe a higher-up could assist, but in some similar threads I've seen it might be a buggy process. Thanks for your time.
  10. Yeah tbh this is the most sensible solution. I agree with @FanServicethat this could be a way to satisfy the old regs (that are still here?) and give new players a chance to feel the same sense of pride and accomplishment the oldheads got. I would even go so far as to say you should keep the old completions stickied so it doesn't get lost to the sands of time. Just clearly label as the "old" completions and it should be fine. Also... It may be a good idea to have a trial run to see if this server is up to the task of completing maps again. Off the top of my head you could try something similar to these two: a) Halloween House - a pretty straightforward hold map b) Frozen Temple - a fairly simple hold+boss map If we can't beat those maps, I would say you have to reassess before moving on to the MUCH harder ones like fapescape, wanderers, frostdrake, santa, etc. Also, not to be a gatekeeper, but if you beat a map with less than 50 people on the server you have to wonder if that should even count as a real win.
  11. Dang just saw your stepping down thread.

    RIP to a true legend of SG.

    Thanks for all the fun times and keeping that stuff alive.

    Your work was and still is appreciated!

  12. Crawdaddy mains rise up. :crawdaddy:

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      Souce Boss

      I'll keep my craws warm in the meantime. :crawdaddy: