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  1. :hoi: ho ho

    el pee es!

  2. Of course I'll be there! I never miss a ZE event if I can help it. I'm excited for @Nate. to lead us to a nice W. Now that the event times have been pushed back, I can actually show up at the beginning. Which is important cuz it seems our morale goes down pretty fast when we don't have our team cheerleaders there. I'm loving the new 7pm EST event time! See y'all Sunday.
  3. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to ZE all these years!


    You're a true zombie escaper and a wonderful manager. 

    But most importantly, you're a great friend.


    I wish you all the best in real life endeavors!


    Hopefully one day ZE will be alive and thriving again and then I can count on your return ;)

  4. @Takuto @kuri We've been practicing for this!!!! Finally our time to shine. These kids gonna be stuck at the starting line while we cross the finish line.
  5. Hell yeah. Sounds like fun. I've had a lot of practice on ZE when it turns into deathrun every once in a while.
  6. What a stud!

    1. Crawfish


      Peter :classic_love:

      You must have been looking in a mirror when you wrote this!

  7. ze_cyberpunk and ze_PC look like a lot of fun and I'd love to see how our server handles them.
  8. I'm gonna try to be there. I have family stuff most the day (like every sunday :/ ) so I'll do my best.
  9. @Shadowex3Look I respect your opinion as an oldhead. You've clearly been around for a very long time and probably seen a lot of different settings on the server that have been good and bad for the state of the gamemode. But I'm genuinely curious; when is the last time you've actually played on our server? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you haven't played the mode, let alone our ZE server, in years. I only see you pop up whenever this thread gets bumped to talk about some ZE theory with no actual first-hand context to the current state of things. I understand where you are coming from and in theory I agree with all of your points. But, if you actually went on the server and played, you would see the balance is already heavily in zombies' favor. Humans right now can't get very far in most EASY maps without someone leading them. Even then, all it takes is too many doorhuggers, one silly edger, or one mistake on the leader/team's behalf and half the humans are infected and the round is essentially over. Heck, when we play ice_cap or dangerous_waters (if you don't know: two of the easiest/most casual maps there are) I still see the humans only winning 1 or 2 rounds. I implore you to join our server and actually see for yourself what it's like right now. Then we can talk about the game theory.
  10. Dunno if it's considered a bug, but the server regularly displays in chat something like: "Type !rule in chat to see the server rules." When I type "!rule" or "!rules" in chat nothing happens.
  11. It is technically half christmas themed.... plus I think it would be better for our server than santassaination. I second this motion.
  12. What do you mean? I don't feel this is a necessary change. If they are really doing this then they are breaking a rule of the server and should be punished. If you see it happen again, alert an admin or submit a player complaint.