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  1. Haven't posted on the forums for a long ass while. But, after getting back and playing JB every now and then, I'm still completely astonished how OP the health boost is on the CT buy menu. I have been in so many situations where I'm shooting a CT and in the midst of us shooting each other he pops a Health Boost and he goes from whatever HP he had all the way to 135 instantly and it goes in the CT's favor almost every single time. Instead of their health being boosted only by 30 HP, in reality they can get back up to 134 more HP in seconds. I really believe that this feature must have some limitations, maybe something like you can only use it in the first 20-30 seconds of a round, or, you can't use it within 45 seconds of taking any sort of damage.
  2. ShadoTheLunatic

    Hurricane Dorian

    Hurricanes always be fun asf bro. All my family from the coastal part if Florida come to Orlando and we have fun literally all night while we shit ourselves when the power turns off and the wind is shaking our house and blasting our windows. On the real though, all y’all stay safe though I wanna shit on you guys on JB.
  3. I just want to give my condolences to those in New Zealand or those with family in New Zealand. I have family that live over there and as soon as this happened. I received a link to a video, which is now removed, of the live video where the gunman walked in and started mercilessly gunning down innocent people in a mosque whilst live streaming it on Facebook. I was scarred by the video and it's still in my head while I'm writing this. I honestly don't know what to make of this I'm scarred.
  4. I play on PS4 and shit on everyone, highest kill game I've gotten is 16. lmk if yall play on ps4 and wanna get carried.
  5. bro i stg ima get the thousandth reply no cap on my momma uwu
  6. One thing that I feel should be implemented to the rule is that the Death Game shouldn't require the map to do the killing. Rather, I believe it should use at least one map mechanism. Roulette is a good example in this case, where the map makes the choice of a side, however the map doesn't really do the killing in a majority of the maps. I've seen instances where people have gotten confused in between the two and decided to kill the participating T's because it was a "forced deathgame" and was later warned by a supervising admin that the map should do the killing. I feel that if anything the map should be a factor in the death game but forced death games shouldn't be limited to games in which the map does the killing. Honestly i dont know how to word this plz dont bully ...
  7. Won't be able to make it, ... I have something planned at 8 on Thursday , can we get a few people to hop on a few hours earlier like 5 or 6? :/
  8. Can I somehow play the ARK server with my PS4? And if so, is there anyone willing to let me in on their tribe or want to make a tribe with me?
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    I would say it’s lmfao or lmao, in a facial expression.
  10. White, .... Black, .... Orange
  11. Go back to Alberqurque, we don’t want you snob.
  12. 9/11 -> penis circumcision