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  1. So for those who don't know, SG ZE has a reputation among the ZE community for being a server which only fucks around and can never beat maps I think having a good tryhard event where we try and beat a bunch of hard maps would be a great idea and prove that we can beat hard maps . After looking at all the maps, and talking with some one who also plays ZE alot i think this would be a good map selection for a tryhard event 1. Lucy Escape 2. Frostdrake 3. Diddle 4. Santassination The Guy Who Helped Me Come Up With This Amazing Event Idea/Suggestion [ATTACH=CONFIG]21666[/ATTACH]
  2. I don't know man, seems pretty sexual to me... Also as you stated, this game is meant for little kids, you yourself said you were playing it when you were in first grade. I think it was appropriate to lock the thread if you were doing sexual things to a character in a game meant for kids.
  3. Thats why Venom suggests to have it nominated when theres only 10 people on the server. The whole point is give activities for players to do when theres like no one on the server to try and retain population. Legitimate ZE maps and even ZM maps are boring to play when theres only 5 people on
  4. So obviously Max Devil is pretty toxic... he yelled alot, used inflammatory language, etc. However, I dont get why some admins who barely play ZE, weren't there at the time, nor have they seen the server situation at all, get to make a comment and shutdown a complaint. Players shouldn't have to make a fucking player complaint to get a player who doesn't listen to the leader and misuses items e-banned when there are ~5 fucking admins online *shrug*. I shouldn't have to go out of my way to make a recording when there's an admin on the server, who should be taking action immediately. (In this case there were multiple admins on the server) I don't get why a post talking about how the server situation can get very bad at times is met with "You’ve been here for 3+ years and you should know there’s a complaint forum"... This wouldn't be a separate post but sadly the original thread is closed P.S. Hey Polarzz, probably should wait for some responses from regulars who actually play ZE before closing the thread. P.P.S. Arguments from people who don't know what they are talking about should not be valued. Unless you are saying that it is totally normal that 5 admins "are overwhelmed or are busy and may not be able to deal with a large amount of trolls like you've described." when there was only ~30 players on (including the admins). P.P.P.S Atleast Brando was actually on the server, and hey look as a result his response was nowhere near as mind-numbing as some of these other responses
  5. A) Drugs -> extrajudicial killing is dumb B) How can you prove that what he dropped was indeed drugs? C) if you actually looked at the video very closely you realize that its fucking trash on the floor that his arm accidentally moved
  6. Better rewards huh... also how exactly does one go about "Motivating our current player base and exposing newer players to Zombie Escape"
  7. 30 players is way too much imo *shrug*. I think 20 or 25 players as the max would be more appropriate tbh. Or we can just remove the plethora of "ze" surf maps from the ZE server ya know? cuz ZE isnt a Surf server?
  8. I'm pretty sure the whole point of starting the event earlier is to get people on earlier though... Eh i guess Bright can always set the next event later (at like 5 or 6 ish ig)
  9. We also have maps that work perfectly fine that are in admin nom for no reason