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  3. Is there a feature that puts a message on the player screen or chat that warns them before banning? I feel like a good threshold for this would be 50 karma " Dealing more damage damage to Innocents will lead to a temporary ban."
  4. as @Kieranstated above adding admins to the team won't solve anything in the case for TTT since if you really want to get some kind of administrative action done you have to be in spectate or see the player with your own eyes and who wants to be in spectate 24/7 admins are players too(and we are not allowed to be detectives since that can lead to false punishments). It is very unlike zombie escape since you can see most of what is going on with your personal view. I think the only way that we can reduce/ deterrent the amount of REPEAT offenders on the server would be having a warn/note function with logging so if a player is a repeat offender we could give out harsher punishments(I have no idea if this would be too much of a resource hog). This may be a bit of a outsider view from someone who has maybe a day of playtime on the server since its birth. Ex. /logs {name} -------Logs {name} -------- 8/29 kicked by {admin} (reason) 8/29 slayed by {admin} 8/29 slayed by {admin} 8/29 slayed by {admin} 8/28 kicked by {admin} (reason) 8/27 warned by {admin} (reason) 8/26 {admin} note (reason) 8/26 muted by {admin} ----------Pages 1/4 ---------- So if I came on and this player is still rdming I could go straight to a kick instead of a slay since he has been slayed 3 times today and kicked.
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  7. Great work everyone we won all 3 maps! We went 2-0 on touhou 3-2 on otaku and 5-5 on sam. We got our first ever win on sam! If you played and won any round please fill out this form to claim your entry Edit: Please try to have your submissions in by midnight
  8. Time to speed run serpentis temple!
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    You may want to have some sort of invite link on the homepage I looked everywhere for a link and could not find one edit: I am blind
  10. Map Suggestion Full map name JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ze_jjba_v3t2 Type of map Zombie Escape Link to map download Additional Information Added The Secret Stage + The Level 3 Secret Ending - -Added a new item (Gravity) - -Changed Heal limit to 3 - -Rebuild The Stage 1 & 3 Bosses using triggers instead of vscript - -Reduced the autism sounds from the files since hammer is glitched - -extending the trigger_hurt of Stage 2 Ending - -Changed the trigger_multiple of Stage 2 to trigger_hurt and made the output to OnHurtPlayer to force the hp to 50 - -Zombies will not remain slow forever now if they miss the endtouch of the damage item trigger - -Fixed the after bosses bridges in stage 1 & 2 (it was bugged in V3t1) - -Added a Secret level trigger and a secret ending trigger to the admin room - -Added a minimap - -Updated the entwatch configs - -Gravity will push up instead of right side now (Bugged in V3t1) - -Stage 4 has 100 airacc now - -Fixed a bug where the secret level teleport keeps spamming a console message - Buffed Dio and Jotaro - Updated the particles - Changed Dio's hurt to Double with Forgiveness ( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°) Also there is a contest with this version! Screenshots attached No