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  1. did nothing wrong

  2. Peak performance

  3. I do really hate the point system in ZE, it encourages and rewards some really bad behaviors that I don't think should be a common thing to do in the game mode (Ex: Shooting zombies during boss to get more damage than others.) However with the current state of the server right now we can't remove the system for a simple time-based level system. The thing is with the current system it, at least, used to be very good at keeping players playing on the server. I remember when the rank you had was based on the amount of points you had and not how many points you had compared to others, and I was really hooked on it. It made me actually use the Negev for once which is a weapon I barely use now. The problem with the proposed time-based level system is that it isn't interesting enough to keep players in the sever, which is our top priority right now. And yes there is the shop system where you get credits for the amount of time you've played but it was, and still is never the focus of attention. The shop system was never the center of attention, it's a good side-system to go with the points system but points were always more important and prominent then it. A time-based level system is just too boring of a system to keep players in the server. And yeah you can add rewards for leveling up but what's the point of that when the way to level up is just generic and boring. If it was introduced and replaced the points system I know that I would probably be interested for the first couple hours, then immediately after stop caring about it completely (unless if there's a perk for talking during voting time but even then that's more of an artificial interest rather than a genuine one). Hell, I can even make the argument that adding a system like this would just artificially inflate our server because people want "dat exp babyyyyyyyyyy". I just feel like adding a system like this WILL actually solve issues like point-farming however since there wouldn't be a real incentive to play on the server I don't think it would be good for the server population. Listen, I would love a system like this as well however I would prefer it to be a bit more complex than just "Time=EXP." While I do want this proposed system to be more complex, the thing is I don't know how I could make it better. Maybe we could use some good ideas here and possible just Frankenstein a system to replace points. TL;DR, I do like the idea of a leveling system for ZE however I would want it to be a bit more fleshed out than from what I'm seeing here. Anyways thank you for coming to my Ted Talk on why Derpy is very homo and as always... stan wesker
  4. thank you block man

  5. Can't wait to pick up Avada as a level 0 on stage 6
  6. @Agent Wesker I think you need this, no need to thank me. [ATTACH=CONFIG]20268[/ATTACH]
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]20266[/ATTACH] With a discord profile picture like this all I want to do is escape and get away as far as possible from Luffaren. Also new event
  8. Edging is when a human stands in a spot where zombies can knife them easier during a defense. For Instance: Let's say that humans have to defense a crouch hold, where zombies have to crouch under something to get to where the humans are. A human who would be edging in that case would be someone who would be defending inside the crouch spot and not behind it.
  9. Can confirm that the people on ZE can't listen for shit.
  11. This has been a known problem in ZE for quite a while and there really hasn't been a actual solution or way to fix it, there are band-aid solutions like looking down at the ground or jumping while using the item but they don't fix the inherent problem with it. Just add a way to allow people to disable the damn thing for it not to show up in the first place. It's not as extreme as removing it entirely, and not as complicated as trying to find a way to make it not override items. Or maybe adding an option to disable it maybe too hard because I really don't fucking know how this shit works but it doesn't seem too bad.
  12. The rule is perfectly fine, there is no need to change or alter it at all. You could change it so it is just a flat out ban on misleading in general to make it easier for the admins, but if you don't change it all it would still be perfectly fine.