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  1. WHEN Saturday, September 19th @ 6PM EST WHERE Steam-Gamers Zombie Escape Server IP: Get your blasters ready, it's time to escape from zombies.The server will be having a small event based off Star Wars trying to beat all of the maps. Come join the server and bring down the Empire MAPS ze_death_star_escape_v4_3_p2 ze_starwars_v2fix_csgo3 ze_star_wars_prequel_v1
  2. Good job keeping SG ZE alive Bright
  3. Also you forgot to talk about one of the most important parts of ze, items. They allow you do all sorts of special things and if you don't know what you're doing don't pick them unless you're willing to learn or you'll fuck over the team and get ebanned
  4. If anything take out diddle or move it to later since frostdrake would probably be a better starting map for the event
  5. calling it right now, this will go terribly. There's no way people play for a full week after the ff event we just had
  6. Event went very well beating mako and bug testing the rest
  7. Few more skins Anime: - Felix - Neptune - Lighting (I say FF is anime) CSS skins: Not sure how to separate packs: - Deadpool Really just give nep
  8. Can we please have Master Chief skin. It's a classic part of ZE. I believe this works
  9. I believe that if we keep a point system it should be changed to level type system. This system would have you play in order to get perks like before. Then the points or levels would be reset every month or so depending on how many points you need to level. This would make it so we have monthly rotations like what @Takuto said to keep things fresh. If we don't want mic spam during votes we could silence everyone, but leader like GFL or we could have it so level 2s or something allow you to speak.
  10. Applily

    Ban Skrt

    Not sure if this goes here There's a player called skrt(now zoom) and he won't shut the fuck up. Can we have a vote or something to perma mute/or ban him? He asked why we hate him and we tell him over and over and he won't shut up. I know you can sm him but when map changes it unmutes him I forget to, so that might be on my part. One of the big reason to mute/ban him is that when we tell to be quiet he won't, he'll try to talk over leaders for attention. Is there someway to ban him by IP or something since csgo is free and he could get another account and comeback. His steam id is STEAM_0:0:461513069