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  1. evrot

    MG needs help.

    most of this is wrong
  2. maybe im stupid but when is this happing
  3. i would like to be a free agent if theres a spot also have not played in a month or 2 but i still think i got it i just need a warm up maybe also when is the event?? i guess its going to decided after the sign ups are closed?
  4. evrot

    not a admin yet oh..... ok

  5. uhhhhhhh yes

  6. evrot

    Game Deceit Event

    XD im stupid iim stupid im really dumb next time if there is a next time all be on time
  7. evrot

    Game Deceit Event

    XD it passed did not see that i thot it said 12 am XD im so stupid why would it that later
  8. evrot

    Game Deceit Event

    is there a spot for me its been a bit sence i play tho and i have to gget on my main
  9. ello hows u doin today

  10. my names evrot