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  1. Why did you fuck up Desperados?

  2. legit, just throw the blueberries into the pancake mix. idk if that's how they're made but try it.
  3. The multiplayer looks exactly like Battlefield, both in graphics and gameplay. Also, keep in mind that the game is literally in alpha right now, and they're likely gonna change a lot in terms of weapon balance, since that seems to be the main complaint from the multiplayer from what I can see.
  4. Personally, I'm going to wait for the beta to be played by youtubers, twitch steamers, etc. to see if I like the gameplay. I played up until ghosts and then bought Black Ops 4, however, I played like 15 minutes of that game lol.
  5. YOOO PAGGOS, if you want your name changed message a Director with the name you want it changed to.

  6. please trazz add it back
  7. This will be a thread as to why the golden knife should make a resurgence to Trouble in Terrorist Town. In the current state of the one-hit knife, it is impossible to tell whether or not you should stay away from someone with their knife out. I understand this is intentional, by design. If you're alone with an innocent as a traitor, and you have a one-hit knife, the other person will not know at all whether or not you actually have one. There is absolutely no way for them to find out, other than them dying. However, people may like the re-addition of the golden knife, due to the "fun factor" of it. The traitors, at the moment, have a very easy way of hiding their one-hit knife. It's not very fun at all. With the golden knife, it adds a level of taunting to the innocents. For the one-hit knife in the game at the moment, holding your knife out shows no threat to anyone. It's too easy for the traitor to get a kill on the innocent. At least with the gold knife it gives the innocent a chance to kill the traitor. Another thing is about the nature of TTT originating from GMod. In the GMod version, anyone with a knife is considered a T, as innocents cannot acquire a knife. Since in CS:GO everyone is given a knife, there should be a way to identify if the traitor has a one-hit/gold knife. I know a lot of replies to this post will be along the lines of, "there's no point in adding it back, we wanted to buff one-hit knife." I just wanted to put my opinion out there, and hopefully see it put back into TTT.
  8. I don't think this would fundamentally ruin the innocent role, it just adds diversity and excitement to be an innocent. Adding sub-roles inside of the innocent role would just make people play their role, instead of just a "play when I'm traitor, mess around when I'm not" mindset. In the case that you don't get one of these "special" roles, you're still given an incentive to play as an innocent, now that there would be more ways to prove yourself, and kind of pseudo-make yourself a deputy of sorts for the detective, and actually play the objective. Would these roles get outdated quickly? Time will tell. As for the old karma system, I wasn't playing when it was around, but I can say that a karma competition that keeps track of your overall karma would (imo) just attract a lot of people that play for the prize, then don't play again until the next competition. If you were to install a karma competition, make it constant. Have this separate karma have nothing to do with a punishment, but make it more of a point system that resets every month or two, and keep the current karma reset per map. I understand that there's already a kill tracking !top thing, but I don't think it resets(?), and it doesn't really show how skilled a player is at TTT. Just my thoughts -paggos
  9. pingus

  10. yeah too many children let's throw an age limit of 16 required to play what do you guys think?
  11. referring to the player model because this only happens with this player model