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  1. If this gives me the ability to play JB with voice_enable 0 on, I'm all for it.
  2. Don't quote me on this because I'm not the one in charge of the server, but: If you are certain someone is shooting at you in an attempt to kill you, you can KOS them. If you know they're just messing with you, hold off on the KOS. You won't be punished for wrongly assuming that someone t baiting you was trying to kill you.
  3. do you like men

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  4. Hearing people complain about these before, one option we have is to disable prop push physics, but this could result in people getting stuck inside the little plushies. Point is, it's hard to work around.
  5. The juggernaut arms are hideous. Makes me not want to buy skins for the sole reason of having them. They're huge, low quality, and add nothing.
  6. I you keep a good outlook on life you will see yourself slowly but surly start to succes. This will keep you in good health too, it is a prooven fact. If you have a positive addidute you go out and try new and exciting things.thats why i think it is important to have a positive outlook on life. maybe yours is different I don't know.

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      I you keep 

  7. fix desperados

  8. maybe one day I'll understand why people commit so much time to a community for years and then just take a steaming hot load all over it in just a few days or even hours.

  9. Why did you fuck up Desperados?

  10. YOOO PAGGOS, if you want your name changed message a Director with the name you want it changed to.

  11. I don't think this would fundamentally ruin the innocent role, it just adds diversity and excitement to be an innocent. Adding sub-roles inside of the innocent role would just make people play their role, instead of just a "play when I'm traitor, mess around when I'm not" mindset. In the case that you don't get one of these "special" roles, you're still given an incentive to play as an innocent, now that there would be more ways to prove yourself, and kind of pseudo-make yourself a deputy of sorts for the detective, and actually play the objective. Would these roles get outdated quickly? Time will tell. As for the old karma system, I wasn't playing when it was around, but I can say that a karma competition that keeps track of your overall karma would (imo) just attract a lot of people that play for the prize, then don't play again until the next competition. If you were to install a karma competition, make it constant. Have this separate karma have nothing to do with a punishment, but make it more of a point system that resets every month or two, and keep the current karma reset per map. I understand that there's already a kill tracking !top thing, but I don't think it resets(?), and it doesn't really show how skilled a player is at TTT. Just my thoughts -paggos