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  1. Didn't buy it, will continue not to buy them. Cool missions ig, but I've never been interested in any of it. Most of it is just tedious challenges you have to do for some miniscule rewards that barely pay for the pass itself.
  2. happy birthday :D

  3. Awards are obsolete and will not return.
  4. So excited, Creten! Can't wait to compete in this month's "karma contest!"
  5. Event starts now. Start playing, folks.
  6. really

    1. Asuna
    2. oSen


      Better than blossom but still


      youre sus for 3 months

    3. Asuna



  7. birthday event in 4 hours. birthday event in 4 hours. birthday event in 4 hours. birthday event in 4 hours.
  8. happy birthday :)


  10. This just seems more like a frustration post than a "suggestion" type post. What are you suggesting we do about HS warning shots? It just seems like such a petty thing to complain about. From the few hours I have on JB I wouldn't say the server is a "hot steaming pile of shit." I'm sure it's annoying to get warning shot from a headshot, but like, just follow orders. What's the difference between getting shot in the head from a p90 as a warning shot and getting shot in the leg with an AWP? Do you want the rule to be changed from "warning shot is anything from 1-99" to something like 1-50? Either way, it's hardly even a "loophole," as you describe it. It's simply how the game is played. And like @All Ts said, CTs are already outnumbered and outbalanced. A single T gets in AWP secret and wipes half the CTs out, and the round is over. Warning shots are there in place to keep Ts in check. SMG HS warning shots really aren't an issue imo.