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  1. Where did you go!

    1. pupster


      Working out stuff in real life and about to take end of year tests

    2. Jmc



  2. What happened to u?

  3. Finally kz server
  4. Congratulations @20 scrolls oh and you too @TheZZL
  5. I agree with reflex I voted but I misclicked. If you kill a t for damaging a ct that was baiting you shouldn’t punish the t for the cts actions
  6. Pupster starts off his day by liking every post on the forums. Helps his thumbs be energized for the day and get him up in the morning.

    1. pupster


      It does It gets my movement for the day up and ready to go

  7. I already have the game but thank you mr John for giving to others
  8. Yay finally rust is a thing, @Amazingcarry me to victory!!