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  1. Battlefield bad company 2 was the game that got me into FPS, it was also the first game I played EVER.
  2. follow me peasant


    1. Yoddr


      soka bylat

       now get your friends to follow me so I can form a army

  3. Congrats everyone! Wooio Blood!!
  4. I would recommend HyperX Alloy Origins, pretty good keyboard
  5. Carmel is right tho, cars taste so good
  6. Who is mel and why do people care about her so much??
  7. Its a great map. I wouldn't like to see it removed
  8. pupster

    [MG] Prop Hunt!

    Wow roddy kinda mean, your gonna have to show me so I can also ruin someone’s day
  9. hai pupster , meet my little friend Animated GIF

  10. pupster

    Awp Multi AH

    Yea if we could disable the knives auto bhop would be fantastic on awp mg
  11. @20 scrollsYESSSS! Congrats @TheZZLcongrats man!
  12. @NolariaSays he's a sheriff but he's really the consig or witch. Burn The witch!!!
  13. LawMyl.gif.d07c44ef128cd02bc93e09a952333c32.gif Join the weeb army take the hand so we can invade SG :Oooo

  14. Rygor is gonna be the mafioso.