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  1. Ahaha well that was lovely to pop on to thank you sir! Pop up on steam sometime !

  2. Some maps give out kills for completing rounds. If you win on Pirates. You get 100 kills. That way you can see which people completed how many round as a human.
  3. Yeah i think the predator look too much like the humans. i voted for the alien
  4. OK so Imma just leave this here,

    I haven't been on here in such a long time and today I was thinking about people I still know on the servers. So I'm thinking and as I do that your name pops into my head. I'm like hey I wonder if Paching is still active at SG. So I look you up and find out: last activity 6-10-2016 5:27PM. As I'm on your profile I happen to stumble upon the 'About Me' button. So it turns out you have the same birthday as me. Long story short (TL;DR) if you ever read this. I was thinking of you <3

  5. Mman250


    Bread Thread :O
  6. Keep seeing your name in MAKO OMG

  7. sorry just had to say this: we're fucking god now?
  8. little math got me on 95 witch I wanna try, all tomb raider related stuff and batman so I guess I'll take this one!
  9. I was wondering, it this pack worth the 75€ it looks pretty promising! I like some expertise on this one!
  10. Please join our new steam group & also invite your friends! See this thread on how to invite all your friends to the steam group!




  11. If he can't I will I'm just a simple donator but if it ever come to SG closing I'll be happy to take the cost and keep it going (for 50 years!) or maybe a little shorter EDIT: that is if it doenst happen in the next 5-10 years!