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  1. Ahaha well that was lovely to pop on to thank you sir! Pop up on steam sometime !

  2. Some maps give out kills for completing rounds. If you win on Pirates. You get 100 kills. That way you can see which people completed how many round as a human.
  3. Yeah i think the predator look too much like the humans. i voted for the alien
  4. OK so Imma just leave this here,

    I haven't been on here in such a long time and today I was thinking about people I still know on the servers. So I'm thinking and as I do that your name pops into my head. I'm like hey I wonder if Paching is still active at SG. So I look you up and find out: last activity 6-10-2016 5:27PM. As I'm on your profile I happen to stumble upon the 'About Me' button. So it turns out you have the same birthday as me. Long story short (TL;DR) if you ever read this. I was thinking of you <3

  5. Keep seeing your name in MAKO OMG

  6. sorry just had to say this: we're fucking god now?
  7. Please join our new steam group & also invite your friends! See this thread on how to invite all your friends to the steam group!




  8. If he can't I will I'm just a simple donator but if it ever come to SG closing I'll be happy to take the cost and keep it going (for 50 years!) or maybe a little shorter EDIT: that is if it doenst happen in the next 5-10 years!
  9. Mman250

    Community update

    Well you with your no grievers rule and who's the one going crazy with the TNT, Garfield!
  10. Mman250


    All, and I seriously mean, all my threads get ignored by most of the admins!
  11. Mman250


    When are we getting 3.0.0 on escape, it really has allot of advantages! Like my own language and I'll be able to talk to the livin again when im dead!