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  1. Josh is back so we could actually play SC2 again

  2. I'm an old man like you now :^)

  3. Wow that is honestly amazing Laim Brun xd. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to SG!
  4. :partydance: Happy Bday!!!!!! :whoo:
  5. Why don't I see you on the servers no more D:

  6. Fuck can I revote please? I vote Gmod TTT!
  7. You have to force me to play @Bread
  8. America. Don't think I forgot.

  9. Thanks for all you done Swede. I hope you live well in life. Go Volvo!
  10. Thanks! It's been too long.
  11. JUST DO IT!!! lol. I actually want to see it in play. It seems really good.
  12. Wow I didn't even see this. Thanks Liam you're the best. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk