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  1. thats not entirely true as I am always on everyday even though i just had a daughter recently and dont really have much time to play but i still hop onto spec while holding onto my daughter and watch you and afterpot rdming each other on 1/5/2021. I'm always on spec even though you guys think we're not on watching, we are. although im not so sure about the others i know that i am. If i see a good candidate who enforce rules and have a good attitude and is being helpful, i will recommend him for admin. If i see someone like you or afterpot who rdm each other not caring about the rules, i will reapply
  2. hey guys, guess what i just bought??.....you nailed it..... R U S T ! ! ! ! ! ! they are currently 26.79 dollars so buy it while its cheap ya maggots!!!!!
  3. God damn it. Now I have to buy rust
  4. every now and then some of us will hop on one of our server and put up a shout out to let everyone know on discord that we will be seeding and we'll start training and teaching any new players on how to play and what the objective is. Again, welcome to our forum and discord bud.
  5. bump. hurry and download it now so you could experience how great this game is.
  6. congrats guys, great job and thanks for the work ya put in
  7. umm....i really want that amd ryzen
  8. Can't wait to be all of ya commanding officer. Yang's squads are going to lead us to victory.
  9. desperados man.....desperados

  10. never talked to you before, but congrats
  11. if they see the guy tbaited you and you killed him then they cant kill you because they see him tbaited you (tbait is KOS and should be killed when you see them do it), but if they are not there and didn't see anything and you just say that you killed an inno because he tbaited you then yes they can kill you because you basically killed an inno already(traitorous act). If inno1 destroy the microwave and got killed by an inno2 who happens to be another inno1, then if the inno3 who just pops up into the area saw that then yes he can kill that inno2 so if inno4 comes in and saw that inno 3 killed inno2 then inno4 can kill inno3.....in a way its kind of fucked up but it makes sense because this is how the Traitor wins. by confusing innos into killing each others is another way for Traitors to win the round.
  12. Thanks for the hard works fellas, keep making SG entertaining.
  13. Yang


    as I remember one of the higher up says that its okay because its a rap/songs/music. as long as theres no hatred word being made towards anyone then its fine.
  14. I'm assuming that this thread is to show how much of a furry wesker is?