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  1. Grats man. Thanks for all the efforts and commitment you put into SG bud.
  2. god damn it @20 scrollsare you slacking again? @Black Rain you need to get on his ass
  3. Come on man we all know that everyone who play TTT are a bunch of retards. Teaming is when the T let a bunch of innocent into t room or sharing weapons with innocents. Letting his innocent buddy know who all the T's are. Letting the T plant breach charge on him to jihad a bunch of innocent. its actually not that easy to tell who is teaming but the 2 clips you show isn't sufficient evidence to prove that they are teaming. They could either didn't see it or are just doubting if it was him or not or they're a bunch of retards.
  4. Damn ya BD got to stop spelling my name wrong man Congrats bro
  5. Could I have the same awards that I have back then
  6. Yang


    i dont know which is the april fools now, zzl being a BD or rainy stepping down. Anyway congrats???
  7. Yang


    hahaha. Ya fucking hilarious man
  8. so are you going to sneak into a movie theater and record it and let us watch some bootleg movie or is it some legit shit? @Black Rain
  9. RIP to roux, thanks for everything you done for SG. you will be miss dearly. gone but not forgotten.
  10. Grats guys. Pretty surprised that Cody name is on here
  11. grats, grats and congrats