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  1. Damn ya BD got to stop spelling my name wrong man Congrats bro
  2. Could I have the same awards that I have back then
  3. Yang


    i dont know which is the april fools now, zzl being a BD or rainy stepping down. Anyway congrats???
  4. Yang


    hahaha. Ya fucking hilarious man
  5. so are you going to sneak into a movie theater and record it and let us watch some bootleg movie or is it some legit shit? @Black Rain
  6. RIP to roux, thanks for everything you done for SG. you will be miss dearly. gone but not forgotten.
  7. Grats guys. Pretty surprised that Cody name is on here
  8. grats, grats and congrats
  9. thats not entirely true as I am always on everyday even though i just had a daughter recently and dont really have much time to play but i still hop onto spec while holding onto my daughter and watch you and afterpot rdming each other on 1/5/2021. I'm always on spec even though you guys think we're not on watching, we are. although im not so sure about the others i know that i am. If i see a good candidate who enforce rules and have a good attitude and is being helpful, i will recommend him for admin. If i see someone like you or afterpot who rdm each other not caring about the rules, i will reapply
  10. hey guys, guess what i just bought??.....you nailed it..... R U S T ! ! ! ! ! ! they are currently 26.79 dollars so buy it while its cheap ya maggots!!!!!
  11. God damn it. Now I have to buy rust
  12. every now and then some of us will hop on one of our server and put up a shout out to let everyone know on discord that we will be seeding and we'll start training and teaching any new players on how to play and what the objective is. Again, welcome to our forum and discord bud.