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  1. Can't wait to be all of ya commanding officer. Yang's squads are going to lead us to victory.
  2. Voted for crazed cause he's doesn't talk as much as the others
  3. What is your in-game name? Yang What is your age? 27 What is your Steam ID? STEAM_0:0:40687489 Have you been a Steam-Gamers admin before? Yes Have you been banned before in SG? Yes If yes, please explain more about the ban(s). How many hours do you have in Squad? 0 What is your experience with Squad? just bought the game and downloaded it and will be playing it alot What has interested you in becoming a Server Admin? saw that squad might be a fun game since we have a server and would like to join and help maintain it. Will do my very best to keep them rules breaker in line.
  4. thanks for managing the ZE server man and making it fun for us
  5. desperados man.....desperados

  6. Yang


    don't know you much, but i think you a good guy. stay safe bud
  7. congratulations!!!
  8. Yang


    Later man. Hope to see you on sometimes
  9. never talked to you before, but congrats
  10. Yang

    Biden vs Trump

    Because my friend, in these politics bullshit, these so called "LEADERS" are lying, power hungry, pieces of shits who just want to be on the very top. They hide their true face but trump? He show his honesty no matter how much it hurt your little itty-bitty witty fEeLiNgS. I didn't like trump too because of the way he acted but hey he's more honest then these pricks who lies and hide alot of shits from us.
  11. grats to everyone here man, thanks for every contribution that ya did to make this community great man.