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  1. Hope you are doing well in life :)

  2. I miss you a lot my guy <3 :(

  3. hey man where you been?

  4. So you're basically asking if no one is on the server, are you allowed to break rules. No. As for you question if it harms anything; when players do it, it causes a sound error in the logs (.wav) where the smoke keeps repeating and it spams the logs with that error (goes up to 150) and repeats itself like 10 times. I don't know what this causes to the server, but it sure as hell made my logs lag when it happens and I'm in the server. So common sense would be no, you shouldn't use any smoke glitches/exploits just because no one is on the server.
  5. Here's the winners! Top 3 Ranked Players 10/9/2017 SUPER COOL DUDE WHO WONLast Place: @LampShade 1st Place: @Davie 2nd Place: @Poo 3rd Place: @PizzaFTW! 1337 [RA] Honorable Mentions: @tides @MaR 1 @DankSqueaker Congratulations to all! I will get in contact with the winners and hand out the prizes to those who won. Remember you have until November 25th to get Max Karma, win the other portion of the contest, and get some amazing CS:GO skins!
  6. Those who didn't quite reach top 3 but got close (varying 4-6th Place). It's to recognize their efforts, hard work, and loyalty they put into the server!
  7. Here's an update on the prize list! Top 3 Ranked Players 10/9/2017 1st Place: Rise of the Tomb Raider + AK-47 | Blue Laminate + Spectrum 2 Case Key 2nd Place: Resident Evil 6 & HD Remaster + AK-47 | Elite Build + Operation Hydra Case Key 3rd Place: Borderlands: Pre-Sequel + The Stanley Parable + Desert Eagle | Conspiracy + Gamma 2 Case Key Loser's Pot: AK-47 | Emerald Pinstripe / P250 | Supernova / Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm First 3 Max Karma (13337) 1st Place: M4A1-S | Cyrex + Spectrum 2 Case Key 2nd Place: AK-47 | Orbit Mk01 + Operation Hydra Case Key 3rd Place: M4A4 | Desert-Strike + Gamma 2 Case Key
  8. The prize pool is mostly gonna be steam games, I believe. Prizes are still changeable, and could include other things such as CS:GO skins if you have any ideas; however, right now I was planning on giving away steam games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and much more!
  9. TTT Karma Contest! Karma got reset today, and people are already climbing the ranks! I figured it would be a good incentive to do a little event for those who are loyal regulars who follow the rules and gain Karma. I will be holding a contest for those who can reach the top tier Karma list. Prizes will be given to those who can reach the Top 3 ranked players in Karma. To recieve a prize, you must be in the top 3 ranked players at 12:00am CST 10/9/2017 (aka Sunday @ Midnight), because that's when I will be checking and picking the winners. Prizes will mostly include Steam games. If a player gets close to the Top 3 but doesn't quite make it, they might also receive a prize depending on how close they are. So get to playing! Players can check their rank in-game with the !krank and !kplace commands. These commands display your rank only to yourself, or to the whole server, respectively. Players can also use !ktop or !ktop10 to check the top 10 ranked players! To add onto that portion of the contest, prizes will also be given to the first 3 players who can reach Max Karma (13337). I will be checking the Karma stats frequently, so to receive this prize all you have to do is get to 13337 Karma before everyone else (It would help if you screenshot !ktop however, to show that you got it.) For this portion of the contest you will have until November 25th to give everyone ample amount of time. Prizes will include CS:GO skins and more. Again, if a player gets close to Max Karma and there is already 3 winners, they may receive a prize depending on how close they are for their efforts. For more information about Karma, you can view the KStats thread. Good luck everyone!
  10. Any update on this? It's been happening a lot recently. I've been able to narrow it down to what causes it: Basically if a player joins the game within the 15 second period before roles are picked, but doesn't load into the game on time, then he is able to communicate with alive players.
  11. For the past 5 days+, there's been 7 or so slots being used by something. Basically, if there is actually 0 people on the server it will say there is like 7-8 people on the server through CS:GO; however, on our stats page it will say 0. I tried joining the server today when there was only 22 people on, but on CS:GO it said there was 30 and I could not join (without using my admin slot). I did some research and here is what I found (keep in mind these pictures were all taken relatively at the same time.): So here is what it looks like on our Stats page: You can see here that there is only 22 players on the server at the time. Then this is what it looks like in CS:GO: Here it says the server is completely full. I decided to check gametracker's population stats of the server, and I found that the "population" has yet to drop below 7.5 for about 5 days: (This is only the past 24hr chart, but the 7 day also showed this. I only used 24hr so it's easier to read.) After checking gametracker, I found this random "player" that has no name or stats, but it's been on the server for 5+ days: I'm guessing this slot is taking up the 7-8 slots in the server, but I'm not sure what's causing it. Pretty sure we had a similar problem like this not too long ago with JB. Hopefully this can get fixed so we can get some more players into our TTT server!